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Addicted to the Ceo

MC Prelooker

Story about:straight to gay, gay erotica sex bondage, ceo billionaire agegap

Age restriction: 18+

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#119 in Romantic erotica
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Publication: 27.02.2021 — 08.05.2021

Description of book "Addicted to the Ceo"

Dean Walsh was happy with his new life, his job, his girlfriend. Until his boss, billionaire CEO Salomon Ellis, discovers his darkest secret. From then on, he will hold Dean hostage to his whims in exchange for his silence. And even though Dean's been straight his whole life, there's no saying no to Big Ellie, who will push him down a rabbit hole of new experiencies, and will give him something soon Dean can't go without.


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16.05.2022, 12:50:06

I really loved it

Farah Nabilah
07.03.2022, 14:03:03

Comment has been deleted

Tehreem zehra
14.12.2021, 07:17:15

this is not story...this is storyline...all gross feelings

poor thing, leaving your girlfriend



hooooo men

am really turned on, wow!!!

toooo much

turning gay already?


another handblow

Hola muchas gracias me gustó mucho, ahora a esperar la segunda parte por qué me imagino que habrá una gracias cuidate mucho saludos

MC Prelooker, Muchas gracias

02.05.2021, 15:24:59

Nooooooooooo. But I understand. Thank you so much for writing this book. I hope we see you return to this project as I think there is so much more still left in the story. :)

08.05.2021, 11:19:53

MC Prelooker, Hi lovely. No! I haven’t got to your other two books yet! But I will and I will post comments on the respective book. How I’m going to miss this weekly updates. I hope you are in a place where you can pick up the story soon. I would really love to see how these two develop their ...relationship?! Now that Lou is on board and has made some interesting comments too. Ahhhh how will we cope not knowing!

Mkenya Daima
08.05.2021, 10:12:20

I have been following this book and have never complained.....good work

Mkenya Daima
08.05.2021, 09:33:42

wooooow.... can't wait for book 2
you really do kill it

MC Prelooker
08.05.2021, 10:04:45

Mkenya Daima, Glad you liked it! ♥

Muchas gracias me gusta mucho no te preocupes y échale muchas ganas cuidate mucho saludos

MC Prelooker, Gracias voy a checarlo cuidate mucho saludos

D Sapphire
03.05.2021, 07:04:42

noooooo!!!?(´;︵;`) I pray you get time to update my dear I really can't lose a book as good as this nonono but if you make another book please keep it free na please please please

MC Prelooker
04.05.2021, 04:43:15

D Sapphire, This is hardly half the story I had in mind, but as I said, I don't wanna keep you guys waiting for months for the next update, that's why I'm giving it some sort of ending. And while I try to find the time and pacing to keep writing, please check out my other stories. No erotica, I'm afraid, but some hot romance anyway ;D

25.04.2021, 01:28:09

Hi! I hope you settled into your new place :)
Another brilliant chapter. It’s really gearing up now! D is very vulnerable now and I think I know exactly where he is heading. I’m sure a certain someone will discover this almost as soon as he arrives!

18.04.2021, 01:40:56

Hi I’m eager to read the next part!!! When you’re ready :))

MC Prelooker
21.04.2021, 18:27:08

KatV, I wanna see that too! :D

11.04.2021, 04:10:29

Ah finally we see a human side to BE and I like it! Absolutely loved this chapter!!! Dean remains totally confused and BE is working on his emotional side now. But if he is already with someone, what is going on?! Surely he isn’t an insensitive man whore, no can’t imagine he is. BE seems to have class. Can’t wait to see how this moves forward.

11.04.2021, 17:44:13

MC Prelooker, I think I just squealed! I’m certainly rubbing my hands together! CANNOT WAIT!!!!
But of course, I will hahahah

03.04.2021, 13:34:45

Wow just when you think BE backs off. He is like your worst nightmare. You never know when it/he will strike!
Cheers, MC!

MC Prelooker
04.04.2021, 14:17:21

KatV, I don't think BE and "back off" fit in the same sentence together XD

Pesh Gitonga
27.03.2021, 14:10:52 loving this now

Pesh Gitonga
27.03.2021, 21:19:10

MC Prelooker, Welcome and you making mine too

27.03.2021, 07:28:12

Eagerly awaiting this week’s weeks hit hahaha! These addictions are ones we can be proud of!

MC Prelooker
27.03.2021, 17:45:38

KatV, With pleasure! ♥

14.03.2021, 01:43:06

Thanks for the update. Wow, I can see that Dean is starting to allow BE come between his relationship. In an indirect way. Or a direct way. Depends on how you want to look at it. Love it.

MC Prelooker
14.03.2021, 02:02:22

Katerina Velanis, I think it's right halfway between indirect and direct ;D

06.03.2021, 09:14:48

Thanks for the update MC! Interesting how Dean’s relationship is taking a bit of a turn and the way he is thinking of Big E now. I think he still is very disgruntled with him but that is shifting too. I am so looking looking forward to reading Big E POVs eventually.

08.03.2021, 13:26:48

MC Prelooker, Ooooo can’t wait!

Bilkis Begum
04.03.2021, 12:22:51

very peculiar story
can't understand the ceo lead at all

MC Prelooker
04.03.2021, 14:25:40

Bilkis Begum, Yeah, there's nothing to explain why he's doing what he does. Yet.
It's gonna take another bunch of chapters, but everything will eventually come out and Big Ellie's intentions and motivations will be fully explained, promise. Writing in the first person, I'm chained to what Dean sees and knows, so I can't break that wall to explain much. ;D

28.02.2021, 00:29:37

Hi! I dont what know issues you had before, but glad you were able to put your profile and books back up. Thank you for your amazing writing. I’ll be reading your other books too :)

MC Prelooker
28.02.2021, 00:38:44

Katerina Velanis, Thank you so much! I'm happy to be back! :D Hope you like the stories!

Porchia Velma Dodd
27.02.2021, 21:28:44

I love your book

MC Prelooker
27.02.2021, 22:26:04

Porchia Velma Dodd, Thank you so so much! ♥ Hope it doesn't disappoint!

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