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Ongoing: 19 Jan 58 pages

Publication: 10.07.2021 — ...

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Description of book "Affair With My Junior"

Anastasia Black, a second year student in sports department. She is innocent, cute and trustworthy. Although, she doesn't have many friends but she is happy to help everyone. Her life has been always through Fortune and never ended up falling apart. She never dated someone in her life as she was always busy in her career but one day accidentally, she ends up meeting Edward Ken, a charming young man who is her junior.
Though, she is not supposed to fall in love with this handsome young but she does.


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Bongeka Nonkanyiso
16.01.2022, 18:20:15

so sweet and romantic,(人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

Ava Magistrave
19.01.2022, 07:48:00

Bongeka Nonkanyiso, ❤️

Bongeka Nonkanyiso
14.01.2022, 16:04:48

i love it some progress between Anna and Edward yiphy(人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

Ava Magistrave
14.01.2022, 18:10:50

Bongeka Nonkanyiso, ❤️

Bongeka Nonkanyiso
12.01.2022, 21:26:51

update please

Ava Magistrave
13.01.2022, 15:01:41

Bongeka Nonkanyiso, Soon!

Nonkanyiso Bongeka
08.01.2022, 11:50:40

Edward is a sweetheart I love him and I feel like there's more to him like he's been through a lot.

as for Travis I like him and I feel like he is not bad as he appears to be.
and my nerdy Annie I love her
lovely book, and I love age gap romance.

Ava Magistrave
08.01.2022, 11:59:23

Nonkanyiso Bongeka, Thank you!! ❤️

Nonkanyiso Bongeka
07.01.2022, 16:44:24

loving the book so much
and Edward and Travis omg they seems like rivals.
and I bet Travis likes Anna and I wonder Who is the person that Edward likes can't wait for more updates.

Ava Magistrave
07.01.2022, 18:13:03

Nonkanyiso Bongeka, ❤️

Annalise Asher
14.07.2021, 08:14:50

I can't able to read your book...... Can you say why? Please.

Ava Magistrave
06.01.2022, 12:01:21

Annalise Asher, It was on hold, now you can continue enjoying this book! ❤️

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