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After Dark

Nova Empire

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carpathians vampire hunters


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#12 in Paranormal Romance

Ongoing: 15 Jul 11 pages

Publication: 15.07.2020 — ...

Description of book "After Dark"

Maya had been searching the busy streets of Hungary in hunt for jobs under the scorching sun.

After so many turn downs. She finally gave up her dream of becoming an accountant.

She was wandering the streets after the last turn down when she saw a billboard with a job ad.

The job was totally different from what she wanted to do but she had to survive.

By hunting down predators. They called it.

'What kind of predators? Dangerous ones?'. She thought.

She frowned at the ad as she read the tiny inked letters, her mind was running faster than her brain. A pain jolted through her fragile body due to overstressing herself

She shook her head then retraced into the crowd after taking note of the address.

'they won't make us do things that'd hurt us'. She thought.

She was wrong.

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