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Book. "After Marriage " read online
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#12 in Thrillers & Suspense
#287 in Romance

Ongoing: 19 Mar 85 pages

Publication: 16.10.2022 — ...

Description of book "After Marriage "

25-yr-old Mahika Roy, a very hardworking women and the CEO of Rupesh company. She is childish, kind, caring and lovely person but if anything happens to her loved ones she can be very ruthless.
26-yr-old Arjun chouhan a very powerful businessman and very ruthless. He is very handsome and most eligible bachelor. loves his family a lot
So let's see what happens when they cross the same path....


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love stories
17.02.2023, 10:21:54

i m removing this book from my library , thank u for share this story but i don't think its right u r not updating book for such a long time . ur not even informing the reason of dealy are u sick or what idk but i am leaving here best of luck for ur book byee

Madhu Kitty
18.02.2023, 13:49:21

love stories, I'm sry that i couldn't tell inform u... A lot of things happened lately and my phn got broken soo i didn't got a chance to explain. And now when i got my phn back i got practical and main exams to write so i was a little busy right now.... Once again I'm sry... Wish to hv a great life ahead dear and thanks for supporting me till now?

Amisha Kapoor
09.01.2023, 04:54:44

I would love to see my giving a very cold and chilled behaviour to Arjun, who allowed him to do it and think it would be fine when he couldn't even tolerate Maahi's dinner with Abhi? Please show Maahi as how strong we have seen till now and not let go of this so easily, if it doesn't happen, I would really loose interest in the story.

He behaves all possesive in her matter and he is so loose, like seriously....

Amisha Kapoor
09.01.2023, 16:46:58

Madhu Kitty, Looking forward to it dear, eagerly waiting

Savitha Saranathan
09.01.2023, 00:49:13

Mahi seems to be a strong character. Maybe she needs to stand up and call it quits?

Madhu Kitty
09.01.2023, 15:17:58

Savitha Saranathan, Yes dear she needs to be strong...

Hope Jolly
27.12.2022, 14:42:59

of course she will coz their chemistry is too much

Sushma Solanki
26.12.2022, 22:33:19

I'm in love with Mahi's character,she is the real one woman army

love stories
26.12.2022, 19:22:15

Hahaha I must say she is beauty with brain . She know how to handle problam smoothly i love her character

Savitha Saranathan
20.12.2022, 17:30:28

An update after a real long time. Good one:)

Ansara Khan
16.11.2022, 21:51:20

haha good job mahika well done!!! he deserved that slap !!

Kaveri Ralebhat
10.11.2022, 09:45:20

nice concept

My diary
06.11.2022, 08:20:34

it was good

Payal Pradhan
06.11.2022, 08:16:04

keep it up

Payal Pradhan
06.11.2022, 08:15:59

awesome work author

Preety Yadav
04.11.2022, 09:11:14

please update

Madhu Kitty
06.11.2022, 04:51:30

Preety Yadav, Sure dear plz give me some tym as i was busy with all the poojas my mom making me do.....

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