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Book. "Against His Will" read online

Against His Will

H Bluedragon

Story about:loveatfirstsight, hatetolove, forcedmarrige

Age restriction: 18+

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#10 in Romance
#5 in Billionaires

Complete 479 pages

Publication: 01.07.2022 — 18.11.2022

Description of book "Against His Will"

It's been two years since he has gone to study abroad.

I still remember the day when I came to live in this house after my parent's death.

I still remember the day when he suddenly barged inside my room. I was so shocked because of his sudden appearance in my room. He locked the door and started coming in my direction with a pissed face. I knew that I was in danger by looking at his angry face. I knew that I should run away at this moment and hide somewhere but I can't move my body.

Bloody hell, my body is held by the cold gaze of his blue sea-coloured eyes.

With long steps, he was coming toward me, and in a flash of seconds, he was in front of me. He grabbed my hair making me look into his eyes, my eyes were close afraid of meeting his cold stare. The next word from his mouth


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KF Tamanna
22.03.2023, 14:35:12

It's an amazing story I have ever read . thanks to YOU make it a heart flutter rhythmic flow.

maria carino
20.03.2023, 07:13:47

this is soooo good! I love it!

Oluwabiyi Elizabeth
17.03.2023, 01:05:11

I do not know how to express the joy this story gives me ............thank you so much may God bless you

Archana Gupta
04.03.2023, 07:44:40

omg this book is so good so addictive.... I am in love with this book.

Tanya Jaiswal
24.02.2023, 19:34:25

Will this book remain free or will go for a sale cause I just found the book right now ...i have my boards so I won't be able to read this book ...till it will get completed

Tanya Jaiswal
28.02.2023, 20:43:31

mahika -, The book is so freaking good and the way the characters evolved is just mesmerizing!❤️

Peace Ikoko
24.02.2023, 11:19:32

thanks for the Free book I really love it

Namitha Shankar
22.02.2023, 00:25:14

Loved it dear

Vits Ortega
20.01.2023, 16:54:58

hello dear, thanks for letting me read for free.You helped me erased my boredom coz since lm almost seventy,l stayed at home always.
Mind you, l love your book about this unconditional love being portrayed in the plot of the story.bye

H Bluedragon
14.02.2023, 19:49:46

Vits Ortega, ❤️

Vits Ortega
21.01.2023, 05:41:07

Hey! lt was really a very nice ending.Kong Hei Fat Choi!Well lm not chinese but Filipina,still it brings LUCK to greet someone on this day.bye

H Bluedragon
14.02.2023, 19:49:38

Vits Ortega, Thank you❤️

Cristina Oromi
22.01.2023, 14:59:35

Very nice story, I love reading it and I want to read the others too, but I could'nt get them in Booknet app.Gongratulations dear author.
I'm from Uruguay, SA.

H Bluedragon
14.02.2023, 19:49:24

Cristina Oromi, Thank you. I hope you read them some day. ❤️

Binish Rajpoot
25.01.2023, 06:54:19

what about jack and Nina's story and hazel and sky's too . maybe you could write an extra episode for them.

H Bluedragon
14.02.2023, 19:48:41

Binish Rajpoot, Books are on both of stories.

31.01.2023, 18:34:26

one of my most fav books

H Bluedragon
14.02.2023, 19:47:33

Ambika Singh, ❤️

Vits Ortega
05.02.2023, 05:22:36

hello dear author,l enjoyed your story very helped me passed away idle hours coz being oldy,not allowed to go out.Thanks my dear.More luck to your writing.

H Bluedragon
14.02.2023, 19:47:24

Vits Ortega, Thank you for loving it❤️

08.02.2023, 08:28:03

i can't get enough of this book

H Bluedragon
14.02.2023, 19:47:01

daydreamerrr, ❤️

12.02.2023, 04:58:14

Totally loved it, i was searching for a book like this and I'm glad i found it.

H Bluedragon
14.02.2023, 19:46:54

JeonJk, I'm happy that you found it.

Ipsa singh
14.02.2023, 21:33:17

Awesome work, was beautiful....they are very beautiful....

H Bluedragon
14.02.2023, 19:46:37

Ipsa singh, Thank you!

31.01.2023, 22:56:05 here is my book link

kajal sharmaa
27.01.2023, 08:20:49

please write part 2 of against his will

20.01.2023, 13:04:44

I hate it so much I didn't want jane to end with zanvil he is asshole

ascendis healthcare
19.01.2023, 15:31:04

Are they even going to make out for once? I’m desperately waiting for such part.
Can anyone tell me in which chapter they will make love?

09.01.2023, 17:11:21

in love with the writing...

H Bluedragon
16.01.2023, 12:01:11

Poonam, Thank you ❤️

Vits Ortega
12.01.2023, 08:03:59

l like reading your story ,tho lm oldy l am enjoying it ,it helps me fight my boredom at home.Thanks.

H Bluedragon
16.01.2023, 12:00:58

Vits Ortega, ❤️

ruk p
13.01.2023, 10:06:12

Beautiful story.. Enjoyed reading it

H Bluedragon
16.01.2023, 12:00:47

ruk p, ❤️

Nicoletta Aloisio
14.01.2023, 14:03:54

A beautifull book with a wonderful ending!

H Bluedragon
16.01.2023, 12:00:40

Nicoletta Aloisio, ❤️

Blessing Simon
16.01.2023, 12:59:12

WOW! This has been a very long journey full of suspense. I love every bit of this wonderful journey. I love your writing skill though the tale gave me so much work (just like Jane) trying to figure out what Zanvil's motives were. But the end they say justifies the means, I saw and learnt it at last. I must say, YOU ARE GIFTED AUTHOR.

A very BIG THANK YOU though for letting us read, especially those of us who won't be opportune to subscribe for it otherwise. God bless you

H Bluedragon
16.01.2023, 12:00:31

Blessing Simon, Thank you❤️

Saniya Fathima
09.01.2023, 04:18:17


Gurpreet Kaur
08.01.2023, 08:35:35

nice story enjoyed reading it

Longan Cho
02.01.2023, 21:37:43

I love your stories please continue to write, I so wish you have hard copies so I can buy for my own adult library collections as well.

H Bluedragon
04.01.2023, 15:18:01

Longan Cho, Thank you for the Love ❤️

Rency Mwela
04.01.2023, 15:53:08

Thank you for book's really nice and a wonderful master piece

Tochi Dike-mark
29.12.2022, 15:32:55

This book is a bit childish

Hawah Nakabiito
24.12.2022, 19:39:33

Thanks for your update and the book is nice but who is the male star

Shivika Sundar
27.12.2022, 02:59:52

Hawah Nakabiito, zanvil

Ishika ghochait
26.12.2022, 13:07:36

Nice story.

Hawah Nakabiito
24.12.2022, 19:39:40

Thanks for your update and the book is nice but who is the male star

Hawah Nakabiito
24.12.2022, 19:39:37

Thanks for your update and the book is nice but who is the male star

Hawah Nakabiito
24.12.2022, 19:39:36

Thanks for your update and the book is nice but who is the male star

Hawah Nakabiito
24.12.2022, 19:39:35

Thanks for your update and the book is nice but who is the male star

Shaista Ali
21.12.2022, 12:04:55


janice fernandes
18.12.2022, 20:28:55

The was written beautifully....sometimes....Jane was too...much..she was unnecessarily emotional.....
She should be shown more strong

Silver Dust
18.12.2022, 16:19:20

can I request you something please make the male lead suffer too please I have read many books in this app from different authors but in every book the female lead is getting punished every time. please write something where female lead will take a revenge and the male lead won't be able to retail pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

Asha C
17.12.2022, 08:28:21

Nice story ❤️?

Boddepalli Madhavi
16.12.2022, 18:44:16

This is the awesome story author.. i hella loved it ❤️
Just no words.. it was beyond beautiful writing❤️

Chanderika Sharma
15.12.2022, 17:18:04

Hey ..

Bukky Segun
15.12.2022, 17:52:04

why is Jane so stupid? I don't like her character.

Rita Sopena
14.12.2022, 18:05:11

Love you story. Is really good ?

Saimah Hashmi
07.12.2022, 17:25:18

wow!!! wow!!! wow!!! wow!!! wow!!! wow!!! ...
i am in tears.... such a perfect lovely story..

Mihir Chandra
06.12.2022, 09:47:40


Comfort Yakkat Samuel
04.12.2022, 18:50:38

I so much love this.. you did well. keep up the good work. love you

02.12.2022, 14:19:22

Damn too good!!!!


Caroline Arthur
27.11.2022, 21:46:15

Good job
Nice story

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