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Book. "Always You" read online

Always You

Valerie Sax

Story about:heartbreak, secondchance, billionareromance

Age restriction: 18+

634 63247

#76 in New Adult & College
#25 in Urban life

Complete 205 pages

Publication: 03.01.2021 — 24.03.2021

Description of book "Always You"

Tired of hiding herself from a persistent guy, to get rid of the unwanted admirer, she kissed an unknown handsome man at a masquerade ball. What will happen when she will find out the same guy is her ruthless boss?
She fell in love with a man who never felt her existence. Her broken heart gave her the desired pain to become the biggest sensation of the country; She became a singer. The time he realizes the emptiness in his heart belongs to her, he ran to her, but her gaze gave him a strange look. What will happen when he will find out the truth behind her strange behavior. Did he lose her forever? Or is this the beginning of a new story? ❤️❤️
This book is under editing… I will upload the entire edited boom in few days.


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Mary Thornton
23.10.2022, 15:48:28

Really nice and inspiring...this book....I read it none stop to completion. Good work, Author Valerie :)

Mary Thornton
24.10.2022, 12:41:31

Valerie Sax, I will indeed!!!!

Ioana Botea
30.04.2022, 00:10:29

I love all you stories!!! Keep going your doing great ? I!!!

Valerie Sax guru
30.04.2022, 02:22:02

Ioana Botea, Thank you so much… please share with your friends and family.

23.04.2022, 04:56:40

This was an amazing story.
Kindly write stories like this in future.

Valerie Sax guru
23.04.2022, 05:58:25

Debbie, Thank you Debbie, really means a lot. I will surely write story like this.

30.01.2022, 07:14:45

This was the last book I read of all of your books. You're a great author. Keep up the amazing writing

Valerie Sax guru
30.01.2022, 08:05:04

LISA PEARSON, I am wondering how did you read all my books in 1 week of time… I hope you like my stories… and thank you for all the rewards you gave me… it really means a lot… thank you. Do follow my profile as my new book will launch soon ❤️❤️

Sreya Banerjee
11.11.2021, 09:10:44

This story is just a masterpiece. I mean their new journey began in a way where we all thought it was about to end. There story is one that should be admired. I mean the turn of events in the story really had me hooked to the story.

Lakhan Sav
11.11.2021, 07:56:19

I've read this book when it was free.. hihi... I'm glad I came across this book and find amazing ur other books this book is also unique and different.. full of emotions... when she kissed her he was also mesmerized by her only seeing her eyes... they fell in love .. but due to Missunderstanding they separated.. she loss her memories... but then also she didn't forget the love of her life..somewhere in her heart she recognized him..and he make her to love him again... their love is really beautiful...

07.07.2021, 23:54:54

I'd already read this book when it was free & now I feel myself honoured that I actually did...We, The Fan Readers when often discuss about various books I find myself quite LUCKY when I suggest them Ur books & they were always satisfied!!! & this couldn’t have really happen if we didn’t have such a talented author like U among us!!! Moreover I honestly like the way U portray the characters & bring out their feelings...It's absolutely AWESOME!!! & another thing is the Sassy way Ur FL are; just SUPERB!!! LOADZZ & LOADZZ OF LovE...!!!

Swati Singh
07.07.2021, 19:59:09

loved the twist & turns of the story great work!

Kaarin Lou Almario
07.07.2021, 19:38:22

planning to indulge in their world

Erica Page
07.07.2021, 18:07:34

Hey author really loved the plot from it's free chapters!!

Mahamotha Khatun
07.07.2021, 17:55:40

I have read this whole book before it has gone into paid story & I feel myself lucky that I didn't have to wait to read it further but if it was a free i would like to read it more many times , loved it author

Crazy for books
07.07.2021, 16:55:54

I read the free chapters story is really good and Al's family is very sweet and Alexander is very rude and arrogant hope to read full book because our author books are always unique.

Sophia Begum
07.07.2021, 10:05:01

Amazing job author. This book had so many twist and turns that it kept me on the edge throughout.

Lakhan Sav
07.07.2021, 09:04:19

thank I read this book when it was free... ur book is worth reading .. I loved every single line of this book... their interview was really funny(≡^∇^≡)... their kiss and dance was really romantic... the way he fall for only by seeing her eyes.. wow.. and that scene when she feel something for him even when she didn't remembered him... he is the one whom she always loved.... thnk u for beautiful story .. ヾ(^-^)ノ

Cynthia Georginah
25.05.2021, 11:27:04


Valerie Sax guru
27.05.2021, 02:48:13

Cynthia Georginah, Thanks dear ❤️❤️

26.04.2021, 02:21:17

how can i pay using another payment option i dont have bankcard i just have gcash

Valerie Sax guru
26.04.2021, 02:48:26

Kathy, Do you have paypal??
You can use paypal/ wallet/ Mastercard / Visacard

16.04.2021, 18:02:21

this book is very nice. I am really addicted to this story. can't stay away from it.

15.04.2021, 16:41:12

hello! valerie sax, i like the bio of this story hope this story will also be great and interesting as your other stories.

Ruby Rubi
15.04.2021, 16:30:05

author.. this book is amazing.. you are really brilliant person

Kaberi Sengupta
14.04.2021, 19:17:57

I haven’t read this book yet, though its stored in my library. But I just hope that this one is also gonna be mind blowing like the rest of Ur works. Love Yaah!!

Amanda lily
14.04.2021, 14:57:36

this story is also very interesting and amazing. this has gone to paid but still I have read the free part for almost 3 times.

Bushra Rahat
14.04.2021, 09:55:06

I absolutely love the story. it is amazing and fascinating. love to read more from you author!!

pritika patel
14.04.2021, 06:56:12

I really like this story the path of love and all problem is very interesting

Zoey D’silva
13.04.2021, 21:29:35

I haven’t started with this book yet...but I hope this one will also be best as rest of your books?

Kirti Bharara
13.04.2021, 19:16:57

i haven't read this book yet but will surely do as your all books are amazing....

Gigi Bela
13.04.2021, 19:01:19

good story.

Erica Page
13.04.2021, 18:59:56


Mahamotha Khatun
13.04.2021, 18:36:13

it's a fantastic story , read it 2 time already & will read more but gone to paid but it's okay , at least I able to read it full & I am extremely happy about it

Valerie Sax guru
31.03.2021, 18:39:45

This book will go under paywall soon.

Hema Vora
30.03.2021, 17:43:59

lovely... lovely...

Valerie Sax guru
30.03.2021, 22:43:28

Hema Vora, Thank you.

Josie joe
30.03.2021, 22:31:18

This storyline is so touching... makes me cried, sad, smile and feel love. I love to read more of your book. well done author.

Valerie Sax guru
30.03.2021, 22:43:14

Josie joe, Thank you so much, it really means a lot to me.
Please read my other books too, I am sure it will touch your heart.

Jennifer Zeigler
30.03.2021, 00:52:45

It’s a great story. You are an amazing writer ❤️❤️❤️

Valerie Sax guru
30.03.2021, 01:11:49

Jennifer Zeigler, Thank you love... and thanks a lot for your reward... Lots of hugs and love.

Lynn Austria
29.03.2021, 14:22:55

I'm a hopeless romantic. I like your book, a beautiful love story ??? Congratulations! ???. Hoping to read your other books for free also. Take care and God bless us ???

Valerie Sax guru
29.03.2021, 22:34:19

Lynn Austria, Thank you, you can read my other books.

Mary Boateng
29.03.2021, 09:33:10

beautiful story,I want more of it

Valerie Sax guru
29.03.2021, 22:33:46

Mary Boateng, Hey Mary, You can try my other stories too.

Leah king
29.03.2021, 03:27:19

wow I love your story.

Valerie Sax guru
29.03.2021, 04:20:22

Leah king, Thanks... and please try other stories too ❤️

nice story

Valerie Sax guru
28.03.2021, 17:49:22

Jumoke Remilekun Oyabunmi-Ogunkayode, Thank you... please try my other stories too ❤️❤️

Dream of books
28.03.2021, 11:00:19

my favorite story

Valerie Sax guru
28.03.2021, 17:48:57

Dream of books, Awww thank you ❤️❤️ Please read my new fantasy story... I am sure it will touch your heart too ❤️

Loata Wara Takala
26.03.2021, 22:15:45

Loved this story

Valerie Sax guru
28.03.2021, 17:48:19

Loata Wara Takala, ❤️❤️

Priya Basak
26.03.2021, 20:20:45

I loved your book... Lots of love from me

Valerie Sax guru
28.03.2021, 17:48:13

Priya Basak, Thanks dear

cap c
27.03.2021, 10:13:19

loved this story author

Carolina Cagatcagat-Madronero
26.03.2021, 15:05:43

very nice love story.....

Valerie Sax guru
26.03.2021, 16:54:16

Carolina Cagatcagat-Madronero, Thank you mam... please read my other book “ HIS MISTRESS SECRET “

Ching See
26.03.2021, 04:33:10

thank you author for this beautiful story

Valerie Sax guru
26.03.2021, 03:44:37

Ching See, ❤️❤️

Shruti Deepak Pandey
25.03.2021, 17:57:12

Most welcome Dear...... Your work is great, can't help it :,-) & apart also you can say that I kind of feeling connection with you and your stories......

Shruti Deepak Pandey
25.03.2021, 19:18:25

Valerie Sax, Definitely......I am waiting for another great addition to your stories....... I m sure u will give your best...... Take your time....

Thëê Qúéën
25.03.2021, 20:04:36

Been here since day one and am happy we got our happy ending. I enjoyed it

Valerie Sax guru
25.03.2021, 19:05:42

Thëê Qúéën, Thank you..

Arushi S
25.03.2021, 18:02:59

beautiful story lovely ending

Valerie Sax guru
25.03.2021, 17:25:08

Arushi S, ❤️❤️

Amazing story. thanks author

Valerie Sax guru
25.03.2021, 16:53:16

Florence Titilayo Olayiwola-Adeiga, Thanks mam

Flora Gervacio
25.03.2021, 10:23:04

thank you author it's nice love story

Valerie Sax guru
25.03.2021, 16:53:07

Flora Gervacio, Thank you my lovely reader

Dr-Hana Khalid
25.03.2021, 10:32:39

Nice ending

Valerie Sax guru
25.03.2021, 16:49:54

Dr-Hana Khalid, Thanks madam

Shruti Deepak Pandey
25.03.2021, 10:51:55

Great..... Waiting for that eagerly :-)

Valerie Sax guru
25.03.2021, 16:49:48

Shruti Sharma Pandey, Thank you so much... you are my honest reader Shruti

25.03.2021, 16:10:59

wow amazing story , I read it in one go .

Valerie Sax guru
25.03.2021, 16:49:12

KAVITA JAIN, Thank you.. it really means a lot to me.

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