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Amenza :the rise to power


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lovers, nigeria, royal fantasy


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Ongoing: 02 Jul 67 pages

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Description of book "Amenza :the rise to power"

Amenze was almost killed and had a miscarriage by her lover nobody knew a single information about. Now after almost dying, she was taken back to her home town Eruwa in beni to heal up, then she meets Obèlè a good looking handsome intelligent strangers. Who she met in an unexpected way.

Obëlè came back to his village to bury his father and maybe take the position as king but he got more drama than he bargained for. Now at home he is met with dark secrets locked away and enemies from the past and a little spies of love. coming be the best decision they ever made?

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Odun Ayo Godon 24.07.2020, 16:48:04

u didnot update plss nww,

Odun Ayo Godon 21.07.2020, 17:48:12

when are. u posting vpls can't wait again ohhh

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pls wen are u postin next niniola

Odun Ayo Godon 16.07.2020, 20:11:31

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Ketch Harmony 28.06.2020, 17:01:51

nice piece dear

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Niniola 28.06.2020, 21:57:55

Ketch Harmony, thank you

Ibiere Jaja 24.06.2020, 22:59:47

Finally seen a Nigerian book

Ride on Sister

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Niniola 25.06.2020, 02:08:12

Ibiere Jaja, thank you very much. I am working on another book I hope you enjoy that one too. that one would be shorter than Amenza but I hope you like it

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