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Amidst love and heartbreak

Anna belle

Story about:lovetriangle, forbiddenlove, romance love

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#666 in Contemporary Romance
#173 in Inspiration romance

Complete 199 pages

Publication: 05.05.2021 — 08.07.2021

Description of book "Amidst love and heartbreak"

What would you do if life and circumstances forbade you to follow your true love? What would you do if someone Broke your heart into a million pieces?
Maggie turned this heartbreaking experience into something that makes everyone happy. She is a best selling novelist that writes nothing but love stories.
There is only one problem, though. Her heart is aching to write a different kind of story. One that talks about a prohibited love. One that she doesn’t really plan to end with the typical happy ending.
What if the story takes a different turn? What would you do if your only love returned to you and the circumstance changed? Would you fight to finally be together or age would be a problem for you?
Will Archie keep his promise? Will Maggie be open to a second chance at their romance?


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Shine CL
19.06.2021, 08:14:19

Nice story and intersting. I am up for the read::))

Anna belle
19.06.2021, 09:20:35

Shine CL, Thank you. I hope you enjoy

Dream Soul
14.06.2021, 07:30:29


Anna belle
14.06.2021, 10:02:51

Dream Soul, Thank you!

Xia Parihar
11.06.2021, 15:41:10

Are you up for Read for Read and follow for follow?

Anna belle
13.06.2021, 00:13:21

Xia Parihar, Yes, please. I will check your profile now.

05.05.2021, 14:01:06

Interesting story. A really good start. Waiting to know how the story is gonna unfold. Hope you'll update more and soon.

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