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Ancestral Wolf


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Publication: 06.10.2019 — 19.10.2019

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The dead of winter is coming. Inhabitants of the Winter wasteland now find themselves at the center of the storm, A black lone wolf lost for four year and alone going the top of the only safe mountain alp, has finally met a wandering wolf pack. However the wolves were different of his kind. White, much more ferocious and self dedicated. They do not take the black wolf lightly who wanted to stop them from their endless wander, But challenges were to faced. Will the black wolf succeed on becoming their alpha or will he just be buried down under the snow of dead winter.

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Celeste I. 13.11.2019, 07:59:53

Now that's what I call an underdog story. But in all seriousness, I admire that black wolf for his determination to not give up, even with life getting him down at a low point. It was short but effective in a way. I know this is for a contest, and you can't make it longer, but it'd have been nice to see a continuation of this or an epilogue at least. That's just me, though. It's fine as is, simple but sweet.

Good job with the story~

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Celeste I. 13.11.2019, 23:43:37

L.M.A, Not a problem, glad I was able to make you smile with my silly comment. And thank you for the good soul comment~

Ryo Francis 08.11.2019, 04:47:55

Wished your story showed details of the fight between the black wolf & the six white wolves - i'm curious how he ended up winning the battle

Anyway, i enjoyed reading it thanks :)

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L.M.A 09.11.2019, 06:19:02

Ryo Francis, Thank you for your feedback Ryo Francis. I will grant your wish and I thank you for this comment. I'm really glad that you enjoyed this short tale.

Ruechari 26.10.2019, 16:27:23

Your description needs to annotate how it is related to a fairytale, fable or myth. Once this has been updated we will be able to accept your story for the contest.

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Ruechari 27.10.2019, 03:22:00

L.M.A, No problem : )

Sam Holte 06.10.2019, 15:33:50


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L.M.A 07.10.2019, 01:18:39

Thank you, but is the story interesting from start to finish?

(is that even possible?

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