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Angelic Demon [book 2]

Angelic Emman

Series: Angelic Demon

Story about:tragedy, lgbt, demon in love with a human

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#8 in Supernaturals
#37 in Paranormal Romance

Complete 111 pages

Publication: 04.04.2021 — 18.04.2021
Contests: Beauty and the Beast

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Description of book "Angelic Demon [book 2]"

The immensely powerful and ruthless Demon had embarked on the journey of revenge for him and his deceased family.

Yet soon, things started to get complicated when the evil Demon, having a terrible amount of hatred for humans in his stone-cold heart, found himself gradually becoming enamoured of a human. The last place he could expect to fall in love.

The feelings of both love and Hatred are uncontrollable however, it's necessary to choose one.

A Demon, so merciless and evil. What would he prefer?




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Ntombikayise Mpolongwana 18.04.2021, 23:25:06

Angelina Rose 17.04.2021, 15:51:47

This is the most beautiful story I have ever read! ♥️

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Angelic Emman 17.04.2021, 19:49:39

Angelina Rose, Thank you so much! ❤

Ntombikayise Mpolongwana 16.04.2021, 19:43:08


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Angelic Emman 17.04.2021, 03:30:03

Ntombikayise Mpolongwana, Thanks a lot ❤

sk feriya 06.04.2021, 08:38:33

love this book

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Angelic Emman 06.04.2021, 12:32:18

sk feriya, Thanks a lot sweetie ❤

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