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Angel's Bad Boy

Lechna Baram

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badboygoodgirl, self harm awareness, humorous

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Publication: 01.04.2020 — 02.04.2020

Description of book "Angel's Bad Boy "

Why are you acting all mean and rude? I'm just trying to be nice here" he snapped making me stop and turned to glare at him.

"I never told you to be nice! Why don't you go back to your little world and forget that I exist like you used to do?" I sneered. "Why the sudden interest!" I yelled in frustration and walked away from him. The bad Boy was simply infuriating. I was stopped. I flew in his chest as he gripped on my wrist and pulled me to him. My back was pressed against his chest and I could feel him breathing next to my ear.

"Once I aim for someone, I always get her" he whispered huskily.

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Awww this was such a cute story ...❤️

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Love the sweet ending.

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it's amazing! *puppy eyes*

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Thanks *Shy smile*

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