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Book. "Anjie" read online
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#112 in Paranormal Romance
#168 in Contemporary fiction

Complete 36 pages

Publication: 07.10.2022 — 11.10.2022

Description of book "Anjie"

Brian Mullender was a simple man, a factory worker who lived with his mother until she had to move into a care home. When his factory closed down he was offered a similar job some distance away and, after careful consideration, decided to stay close to his mother and commute daily to work. He needed a new car and bought a model with a SatNav. Not being a comfortable reader of the written word and definitely not computer savvy, he thought he would have difficulty with the SatNav but found it worked surprisingly well and used it constantly, guided around roadworks, diversions and getting him home safely. He felt he had built up a relationship with the SatNav and, in a moment of weakness, boasted about his SatNav. And that’s when it all started to go wrong….


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