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#501 in Romantic fantasy
#112 in Historical Romance

On Hold: 27 Aug 22 pages

Publication: 21.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "Apple Of Oblivion"

A woodsman living on the edge of Harmonica village, near the dark forest, and tries to avoid a life full of conflicts. His physique from extreme working is formidable and his appearance is not as handsome as the royalties of Skientme kingdom. Nonetheless, he's still a charming bachelor and the most attractive peasant within the Harmonica village. Though his heart is as hard as a stone and cold as Neptune... one person, especially his first love, is the only being that exists in his heart. He would never expect a dignified woman standing beside him throughout his bottomless life.

But can one bite of an apple, make his unrequited love story end in a happily ever after or never at all?

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