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Ark by Mvmanalo/vicky T. Manalo


Story about:time travel, friendship and family, childrens book

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#20 in Epic fantasy
#18 in Science fiction

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Publication: 17.04.2022 — 17.04.2022

Description of book "Ark by Mvmanalo/vicky T. Manalo"

In the olden times, a land far far away, magic is the only thing that exists in the place. Mothers, fathers, children and babies have special abilities that differentiates them from each other. In playtime, some children would try to hide and someone would look for him/her. But it’s never easy for just like two children will decide to hide inside an worn wooden cupboard, since there’s still space one child , a girl so clever can still reappear in an instant inside their hiding place. And the girls will just smile all together for they are able to hide in a place where they can’t be found. That’s what they thought.


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