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Arranged Love

lady may

Series: Billionaire's Demise

Story about:love, hate

136 1972

#1280 in Billionaires
#3946 in Romance

On Hold: 03 Apr 27 pages

Publication: 19.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "Arranged Love"

She wanted nothing more than a family. And her daddy was more than kind enough to give it to her. Except, it wasn't what she wanted. It wasn't a guy with money and word of mouth, just a regular guy with some money. Her brattiness made her disgusted by it. But she had no choice.
I try my hardest to update as much as I can. Please note that this is only the beginning a there will be a few mistypes, spelling errors, and grammatically incorrect sentences. As soon as I am done with the book I will make sure to edit everything. Thank you so much!


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Beautiful princess
11.04.2021, 17:01:54

Update plzz

Beautiful princess
01.04.2021, 09:39:47

Nice story .. update soon author

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