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Book. "Arranged marriage" read online
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#138 in Romance
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Ongoing: 01 Dec 13 pages

Publication: 18.11.2022 — ...

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Description of book "Arranged marriage"

A women in her twenties have long smooth hair which is upto her waist with fair skin , big doe eyes entered the hospital in hurry and went directly into operation theater. Her kindness has no limits..... she is a goddess to the patients...
A handsome man of 28 years with silky hair , black eye balls and perfect body sitting in his office.... handsome is a low word to describe him... he is a Greek god...his one glance is enough to make world business to shake ...... he makes billions in snap of his fingers....his arrogance has no bounds ....

she is innocent
he is arrogant
she is naive
he is egoistic.
she puts others before herself
he gets his things by hook or crook .

two souls , two lives, her story a mystery, he is her savior but she can't realize it...


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Sonal Rao
07.12.2022, 13:51:21

update your story

Amrita Koul
06.12.2022, 16:56:41

when r u going to update???

Amrita Koul
02.12.2022, 19:09:16


Ashwini Bai
01.12.2022, 17:36:33

update next part plz it's been week

Jacqueline Arikorn Anthony
30.11.2022, 03:31:42

Nice looking forwards to your updates

Amrita Koul
27.11.2022, 15:37:49

please update

Deepika kapparapu
25.11.2022, 20:17:58

guys I like to say....there are many views but no likes... I know many of the readers like to read silently... but your support is more important to me..... I am new to writing stories...I want to know whether my story liked by the readers are not I hope you will comment or vote for the story.... pls take it as your author suggestion...

thank you...have a nice day...

Deepika kapparapu
25.11.2022, 07:24:56

Thank you guys... I am really happy to get your support...also thanks for following me..

I hope you will support me further also..

Savitha Saranathan
24.11.2022, 07:21:41

Good plot.

Longan Cho
23.11.2022, 19:46:37

Nice I’m looking forward to more updates as well.

Amrita Koul
23.11.2022, 14:06:33

amazing.looking forward

Amrita Koul
23.11.2022, 03:53:58


Sruthi Onyx
23.11.2022, 01:08:20

Comment has been deleted

Glincy Varghese
22.11.2022, 09:08:48

waiting for their meeting.

iron man
20.11.2022, 18:50:01

Nice story a small suggestion when someone says a line put it in inverted comma " " to avoid confusion as it is not very clear when she /he is speaking or has finished speaking. Otherwise prologue is gud waiting for next update

Deepika kapparapu
21.11.2022, 06:51:48

iron man, ok.... thanks for your advice..

The spoon
19.11.2022, 09:14:49

hey all the best .... and please update regularly....

Deepika kapparapu
18.11.2022, 20:04:00

Thank you guys for your support ...
I am really glad to receive your support...
I hope you will support me further...
pls wait for my next update....
bye guys have a good day....

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