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Arx's Re:life


Series: Arx's RE:Life

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shipgirls, despair


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Publication: 10.12.2018 — 21.07.2020

Description of book "Arx's Re:life"

A story about a guy's transfer to a naval base where his love will bloom from knowing the girls there. After that, will his love proceed down it's intended path, or will it change?

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Ravelux 20.07.2020, 17:01:37

Dear readers, sorry for the long wait. I have made corrections to the typos in the story. I have also added an After Story for Belfast route. hope you guys will enjoy!!!

Jeanette Adams 20.01.2019, 14:40:13

very nice for this genre

Asha Kumar 12.01.2019, 22:12:24

I've finished it and it is amazing

Lucy Roy 05.01.2019, 00:41:54

very good

Nina Ainsworth 02.01.2019, 17:20:46

I've enjoyed it

Samantha Ainsley 31.12.2018, 12:42:41

good story

Helen Nice 30.12.2018, 14:14:48

when will you publish the Legend?

Asha Kumar 27.12.2018, 21:07:05

love it

True Match 19.12.2018, 13:59:49

I´ve enjoyed it so much

Natalia Abram 16.12.2018, 14:12:51

love this art

Jenny 13.12.2018, 18:56:10

you made it so real

Anna Morrigan 11.12.2018, 13:28:19

yeah, it is awesome

Brian Downtown 10.12.2018, 13:21:09

it is so easy to read, I'm just excited

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