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Ash and Bone

Blake Wilbanks

Series: The Lost Hours

Story about:fantasy, vampires, warlocks

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#1048 in Young adult
#2579 in Fantasy

On Hold: 13 Jul 4 pages

Publication: 13.07.2019 — ...

Description of book "Ash and Bone"

Our worlds have been divided. The mundane separate from the Supernatural.

There are three other worlds hidden within the confines of Earth, secret from the mundane, but hidden in plain site.

Tieritus - the land of the Transcendent.

Nympharum - the land of the Divine.

Neros - the land known as the Dark Sea, home of siren’s, mermaids and other supernatural sea creatures.

Xander Adorjan hated everything about Tieritus—the secret world of the Transcendent. It was the only way he knew to feel about it, since his mother and he had fled Tieritus for a new life.

He never expected to go back there. He had avoided for as long as he could, until the Transcendent Council sent someone as a summons for him, and even then he was still against going back. He only agrees to go back as lo


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Nicole Preedy
15.07.2019, 15:56:58

more pages are coming?

Katie Von
14.07.2019, 17:04:19

You could publish more

Roza Csergo
14.07.2019, 16:11:45

Very gripping prologue.
I added your story to my library and I followed you.

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