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Ashes to Ashes

K.M. Morse

Story about:romance, lgbt, gay

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Description of book "Ashes to Ashes"

Ashton Anderson left everything behind. His friends, his house, his memories. Moving is difficult for any teenager, and Ash is no exception. Making people like him was simple enough, save for one person - Jaden Beckett. Notorious for being the lone wolf, Jaden seems to take an interest in bullying Ash. However, when a new stalker moves in right next door to Ash, Jaden wants nothing more but to get rid of him. Little did they know this stalker has a dark secret.
*Story also on Wattpad, under same username the0Kore! Simultaneous updates every Tuesday.*

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Marie Thomas 16.05.2019, 12:38:43

I try to be patient, but not with this story lol
update it soon pls

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K.M. Morse 16.05.2019, 17:42:18

Marie Thomas, I am going to try to begin updating it twice a week, since I will have a lot more free time within the next two weeks. My original schedule was every Tuesday, it may start to be every Tuesday and Friday. Thank you for reading and enjoying my story so far!

Kath Snit 14.05.2019, 14:34:33

will you update it here?

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K.M. Morse 15.05.2019, 21:40:06

Kath Snit, No problem!

Cira Shalash 13.05.2019, 21:10:05

I´d be glad if my mother went out, at least sometimes haha

Dorothy Obeng 13.05.2019, 11:26:20

great thanks

Alicia Harrison 12.05.2019, 17:12:54

desk guy is very angry

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K.M. Morse 12.05.2019, 23:05:16

Alicia Harrison, He is indeed

Dorothy Obeng 12.05.2019, 22:19:57

nice more

The last comment in the thread:

K.M. Morse 12.05.2019, 23:04:26

Dorothy Obeng, Updates coming your way every Tuesday

Dennis Norman 11.05.2019, 22:03:37

love it

The last comment in the thread:

K.M. Morse 11.05.2019, 22:13:17

Dennis Norman, Thank you!

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