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Series: Road Trip (it's a work in progress...)

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romance, suspense mystery, lgbt


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On Hold: 11 Mar 35 pages

Publication: 18.02.2019 — ...

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Elliot has always known his life was normal. He knew it always would be. But after meeting Noah, he can't help but notice the unusual situation Noah has been trapped in. That's how he ended up looking for someone that couldn't be found.
Ruelle's attachment is limited; but seeing Charlyze makes her forget about all of that. After finding out about Charly's current predicament, she makes the decision of a life time that could affect everyone around her.
As these four kids journey through a life-time of self-discovery and heartbreak, the truth unfolds itself and reveals something they might not have wanted to know.
(Updates sometime in my life. Note: this is a rough draft and is not perfect. If you have suggestions, let me know and I will put them in the final draft.)

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Pauletta Attaway 15.03.2019, 11:54:56

I loved this one and I´m waiting for more

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Chara 15.03.2019, 20:02:54

Pauletta Attaway, Thank you so much! I appreciate all the support!

Drew 26.02.2019, 12:46:05


Loreal Farmer 25.02.2019, 11:18:42

waiting to know more about their adventures

Nina Ainsworth 24.02.2019, 11:54:02

very nicely described

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Chara 24.02.2019, 21:31:23

Nina Ainsworth, Thank you so much!

Krystal 22.02.2019, 12:14:37

love to read this kind of stories

Ann Swan 21.02.2019, 07:10:28

I like it, but it seems that you describe everything too quickly, calm down, no hurry :)

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Chara 21.02.2019, 16:23:23

Thanks for the advice! I’ll be sure to remember that in my writing.

Asha Kumar 20.02.2019, 13:18:54

waiting for more

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Chara 20.02.2019, 17:17:23

Asha Kumar, New chapter every monday

John Mitchell 19.02.2019, 13:57:45

good at the moment

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