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Average Joe & The Angel

Tony Spencer

Story about:romance drama, post great depression, eulogy

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#38 in Historical Romance
#61 in Short stories

Complete 29 pages

Publication: 14.04.2022 — 19.04.2022

Description of book "Average Joe & The Angel"

Widow Anjelica was heavy with child in first weeks of 1930 and lost her job soon after losing her husband and travelled west to live with a cousin. But following the great 1929 Wall Street Crash no jobs were certain and her cousin had lost her job too, so no place for Anjelica. Someone suggested she work for a farmer Joe Harris who’d laid off all his farm hands as he had no market for his milk but needed help for his mother who’d had a fall. Joe had lost a leg when his biplane was shot down in Flanders during the Great War and considered himself a less than average catch but he soon regarded Anjelica as an Angel. A romantic drama which revolves around Joe’s funeral and eulogy.

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Payal Pradhan
22.04.2022, 12:58:41

awsome work author

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