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Away from Home


Series: Experimental Stories

Story about:life, moral, poor

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Publication: 13.07.2019 — 10.08.2019

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Description of book "Away from Home"

Jojen Fade, a boy who lost his father on his 20 years of age, the boy who was under the tragedies of Crime, Prison, Family, Social Life and Death issues he could never forget.

He tried to live a new good life in prison but it wasn't that easy when scientists kept using him as a test subject. Especially when love was involved. His wife and his daughter both started anew hoping that their lives would be at ease, hoping that its ease would last forever


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Lorena Gongora
13.09.2020, 08:10:20

was good but in my opinion i would like that thalia knews that garry was his father and that they do somthing together... what happen with thalia after?

Ryo Francis
08.11.2019, 23:06:21

Story is so sad but i was hooked...

Not boring but i prefer happy ending

Overalll - i like it :)

09.11.2019, 06:21:25

Ryo Francis, This story is currently on hold, and I am hoping to edit this narrative so happy reading :).

Thandi Roy
11.08.2019, 19:23:07

Good book

12.08.2019, 02:15:40

Thank you :)

April Knhan
14.07.2019, 18:39:57

Will you continue it?

15.07.2019, 12:48:52

yes, I'll publish more pages every Saturday. I can't do it daily because I have to do balance my school works and chores as well.

Ann Rivera
13.07.2019, 22:06:52

Good idea, you need to publish more pages

14.07.2019, 02:35:50

Thank you so much Ann Rivera. I'm sure going to publish more pages next week.

Roza Csergo
13.07.2019, 16:37:25

This story is very sad. The parent's sacrifice is so admirable.
My mother used to work day and night as a seamstress to put me through school, so this story is close to my heart. I think this experiment is going to be successful. Great job.

13.07.2019, 17:09:59

thank you!! :D