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Infernos splinter the life when accusations burden the innocent modest of Azin Muraat, a woman of 24, who never desired to pique anyone, anytime, anywhere in this ruthless world.
A woman's modest, whether muslim, or belonging to any religion, caste, creed, residing in the world is to be sustained with tremendous respect and her grandeur is always to be praised by all. But this is all what we assume should be, and actually isn't there.

Why, when a woman submits herself to this mankind, serves all with benign duties, dignity and love unhindered by any shortcomings, just accuse her of no cause, blame her charachter, her modest, for their interest? Who gave them the right to jostle a woman's world upside down with just a click of an eye?
Welcome to this drama;
Azal-The Eternal.

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Khurshida Khushi 03.02.2021, 17:19:59

Nice start

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Feriha Ahmed 03.02.2021, 20:34:38

Khurshida Khushi, Jazak Allah for giving your time to read here sister. İ am grateful for your leniency. ❤️

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