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Azian Prince of Dragons book 1

Mckayla Chinyama Queen

Series: Azian

Story about:dragon shifters, fantasy romance, dragon prince

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#1220 in Fantasy
#509 in Romantic fantasy

Complete 162 pages

Publication: 16.03.2021 — 17.03.2021

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Description of book "Azian Prince of Dragons book 1"

Ten thousand years have past since the Megalos-Machi (great battle) between the Dragon kind and the remnants of The Level World. The dragon kind have long been proved extinct and the world has moved on into a new age.

However deep in the Ignere forest they awake, they breed, they learn to fight, growing by the thousands waiting for the birth of their prince.

A golden dragon.
Heir to the throne.
At his birth the nations will fall. No one could stand against him..well that's until he is taken and led far away from this world to ours.

Here he discovers he is the most powerful being in the universe. However, he is at the mercy of one thing.

A human.

His mate.

Book 1, in the Azian Triology. - Undergoing editing


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Jessica Arrington
08.05.2022, 15:29:09

where is the 2nd book?

Mia Khan
26.05.2021, 03:48:50

damn girl u got me here I just read few chapters n yup u know what u were doin with this all fancy words....this will be epic!!!

Yvonne Janhi
14.04.2021, 21:47:32

This is one of the best books I'm were born to write. It's like I'm watching a nice good movie...woow?

Mckayla Chinyama Queen
15.04.2021, 08:20:21

Yvonne Janhi, Thanks so much! I really appreciate that! so glad you're enjoying it! book 2 has already began posting on my site!

31.03.2021, 23:52:40

ahhh pls upload a new chapter, it's taking time

Mckayla Chinyama Queen
15.04.2021, 08:19:32

OLATUNBOSUN GLORY, hello! I uploaded a new chapter in book 2

Neziswa Khuselo
21.03.2021, 19:50:33

I feel like I'm watching it on tv.. Very good work

Mckayla Chinyama Queen
22.03.2021, 18:36:12

Neziswa Khuselo, alright! good reading! I hope you enjoy it as much as you enjoyed the first :)

21.03.2021, 16:43:17

This is an amazing book, the writer did a wonderful job..

Looking forward to book II

Mckayla Chinyama Queen
21.03.2021, 19:44:39

Father Max sista, thank you so much!

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