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Baby Contract: A Deal with a Dragon


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Warning: Smut and explicit content on some chapters

Lu Meili does not care if their husband's background can determine the value of the females on her planet.

She just wants to have a family to call her own without the restrictions.

So she visited another planet. Goal? To have a baby she can bring back home.

The father? It does not matter as she does not want him to take responsibility.

Lu Meili just needs him to be the perfect donor whether he likes it or not.

She's very much willing to pay him as well if needed.

That's her plan, easy. Too bad, the perfect donor, is not willing to let her go...

Knowing that your mate wants you to be the father of her child should make any male happy... Not Long Cheng who she wants to disappear after...

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Krystal 07.03.2019, 11:22:56

when is the next chapter?

Ann Swan 05.03.2019, 14:52:18

I haven´t understood much

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Jenny 06.03.2019, 14:49:55

Ann Swan, wait for more to understand

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