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Babysitting the Seven Bulletproof boys


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Ongoing: 01 May 135 pages

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Description of book "Babysitting the Seven Bulletproof boys"

Sunny Kim is a 20 years old second-year university student who lives a pretty normal life. Being the eldest with her 4 other younger siblings she grew up to be a more mature girl. Unselfish, Patient, and someone who holds the word Responsibility a little more seriously. On the day her mother died she promised that she will protect her siblings just like how their mother did even if it means that she'll sacrifice her own happiness. Desperate for another job she roams around the town to look for more jobs until she found a quite suspicious flier.


And that is when she unfolds a new chapter of her life babu sitting the seven bulletproof boys.


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Sanjay Sharma
17.04.2021, 16:02:40

Update more chapters ,we all are waiting for your next update. Borahae ??

17.04.2021, 16:02:40

Sanjay Sharma, Sure I will. I enjoy writing this but I am still occupied by some other things but I will update at least once a week. Or twice. Anyway. Thanks for commenting. It inspires me more❤ Borahae. I purple you guys!

19.04.2021, 19:24:26

oh my God! You are an Amry... oh please please please give Jimin, my bias, more screen time... This novel is awesome, I have already read it and I am already hooked up to the plot.

I purple you, author! You are awesome

19.04.2021, 19:24:26

Asmitha, Omg! Thank you so much! I'm really thankful for your appreciation. I too, can't believe that I am writing this as Taehyung (my bias) as the leading man hahaha. I hope I can give you guys many more interesting scenes. I purple you too. Borahae!

14.04.2021, 07:58:48

OMG! Thanks for the likes guys!

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