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Bad boy fall for me

Sayba Naznin Riya

Story about:romantic suspense, bwwm, romantic billionaire

Age restriction: 18+

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#83 in New Adult & College
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Complete 39 pages

Publication: 20.03.2021 — 20.03.2021

Description of book "Bad boy fall for me "

18+ only⚠️⚠️
I was smoking when Debby come. Yeah Debby is the new girl whom I am going to fuck tonight at party.

She approach me "hi"

I thow the cigarette and go to her "hello suger" I give her a hug.

"how was your day?"

"not good"


"but you can make it good" with a smike on my face.

"oh, how?"
I started kissing her hungrily.

"oh Jimmy not here we are in school"

"I can kiss you also in locker room in public"

"ha ha I bet you can not"

"I can, what will you give me if I can"

"I will do what you say"

She bet me! What she think? I can also fuck her in public I am Jimmy. So I started pushing her to locker room not breaking the kiss. When we are in locker room every one eyes on us. I started kissing her and my hands are roaming all over her body. We are doing t


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Jennifer Zeigler
18.09.2021, 19:27:14

It’s a beautiful story, and I loved their happy ending ❤️

Sayba Naznin Riya
18.09.2021, 23:16:12

Jennifer Zeigler, Omg! Thank you so much. I never thought It maybe worth of reward thanks a lot.

Pamela Carlisle-Calix
12.07.2021, 22:55:58

Are you still looking for someone to help edit your books for grammar and spelling errors??? If so let me know ok I would like to help you if you need it I like your stories

Pamela Carlisle-Calix
13.07.2021, 10:01:21

Sayba Naznin Riya, If you need help editing them I can I am reading your story unwanted ugly mate if you want my help hit me up on Instagram if you have it..
Instagram name is whipsnchains2

Pamela Carlisle-Calix
13.07.2021, 00:18:21

That would be great I would love to hear more about them why he didn’t have reverse surgery to try to have more kids ??? More about there relationship etc..

Sayba Naznin Riya
13.07.2021, 08:00:13

Pamela Carlisle-Calix, thank you dear.but it is very hard to start it again now and my story unwanted ugly wife is still incomplete. first i will try to complete that one. again thank so much. i am really happy that i have a supporter like you thanks dear.

Clara Star
02.06.2021, 11:49:47

hahah i love the fact that your character deosn't hide their desire
it nice

Clara Star
13.06.2021, 14:23:40

Sayba Naznin Riya, Welcome

Loren rivera
07.06.2021, 13:17:31

Wow, it was such a great love story:) Really loved it. Keep up with the good work:)

Sayba Naznin Riya
07.06.2021, 13:47:18

Loren rivera, Thank you dear

Yeasin Arafat
17.05.2021, 21:56:35

wow.such a nice short story. I love the cover by thevway

Sayba Naznin Riya
29.05.2021, 10:15:14

Yeasin Arafat, Thank you

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