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Bad Boy Fell Hard

Mushabe Melisa

Series: Bad Boy

Story about:badboy, high school, enemies to lovers

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#3 in School
#29 in Contemporary Romance

Complete 176 pages

Publication: 08.11.2020 — 08.11.2020

Description of book "Bad Boy Fell Hard"

She was broken, sad and in pain. She built high walls around her that no one could break. She hid behind a fake mask which was to always smile so that she could hide the pain on the inside.
He saw past this mask and was willing to help and protect her because she was fragile. Was it gonna be as easy as he thought it would be?

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Sofi Nik 29.11.2020, 12:55:25

That is soooo nice!Loved it!

Sita Jainauth 21.11.2020, 20:19:14

WOW!! niceee book
love ❣️ it

Kenei Violet 21.11.2020, 12:26:23

Great book ❤️it's really captivating I love high school and teens drama big up

Irene okemini 19.11.2020, 01:48:45

Amazing author,good job.loved every part of it can't wait for the next book

Riya Singh 15.11.2020, 19:36:59

Is there any second series of this????
Please tell me, i am really getting anxious...

kristene 12.11.2020, 20:11:29

well written author

Caroline Arthur 09.11.2020, 00:19:35

Nice story
Good job

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Mushabe Melisa 09.11.2020, 07:23:34

Caroline Arthur, thanks

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