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Bad Boy's Last Love

Niharika Nafisa

Story about:love, romance, my love my billionaire

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Publication: 06.10.2020 — 22.01.2021
Contests: My love, my billionaire

Description of book "Bad Boy's Last Love "

Sid Matthews, an indebted businessman, owner of a vast empire, can do anything for money and power, still chose not to spend a single penny to get back his company. He never believed in love and marriage, yet had a girlfriend. She was hot, bold, chain smoker and addicted to alcohol. He lived with her for 7 years and he could do anything to get her by his side until a naive, bubbly and lively girl enters in his life, completely opposite to his bad girl.

A proverb goes, "Opposite attracts"
Was it applicable in Sid's life too?

Whom did he choose as his last love?

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Nav Arora 10.10.2020, 13:43:30

But Sana ne last mein Yeh line kyun Kahi interesting waiting for next

Pinu Ag 10.10.2020, 13:41:55


Laiba Zakariya Khan 10.10.2020, 13:13:33

Seriously it seems like we are seeing from our eyes

Marwa Shaik 10.10.2020, 12:49:48

Oh wow superbbb ???

abhilasha panwar 10.10.2020, 12:18:36

amazing ❤️❤️

Kajal Vishwakarma 10.10.2020, 12:03:01


Lo Ve 10.10.2020, 11:15:47

intresting ?

Saba Qamar 10.10.2020, 10:49:47

It was fab nyc begining keep it up all the best?

Rafia Khan 10.10.2020, 10:05:40

Juat amzng :)

Meghna Sisodia 10.10.2020, 09:51:31

Woww.. its interesting story
Waiting to read further

Komal Gupta 10.10.2020, 09:38:58

Amazing story and the beginning is just perfect❣❣

Nargis Shaikh 10.10.2020, 09:35:00


Neelam Sharma 10.10.2020, 09:17:54

Great job??

Jeenal Soni 10.10.2020, 08:58:29

Awesome yr ap bhut acha likhte ho

Chanpreet Kaur 10.10.2020, 08:50:52

it's awesome niha.... Best of luck nihu... God bless uh..

Darsha riti 10.10.2020, 08:43:53

Wowww...girl..keep going❤️❤️ you're doing a great job.. seriously..yeah it's not like your regular story...but woaahh i must say what you have written is just awesome..i think bella is going to marry Sid..nd that's why Sana is so angry and hurt.. Well it's normal..Sana have some true feelings for sid...but what about Sid

Angel Mehar 10.10.2020, 08:04:25


Avni Mahajan 10.10.2020, 08:01:08

Interesting ❤️ they share kind of different relationship..... they comfort each other....they are not soulmates but two human beings to help each other ❤️

Anusha Dhiman 10.10.2020, 07:40:17


Anusha Dhiman 10.10.2020, 07:29:42


Ramandeep Kaur 10.10.2020, 07:28:48


Kirti Sharma 10.10.2020, 07:27:40

Well written...

Saumya Raj 10.10.2020, 07:10:16

Amazing beginning ✌️

Ayushi Jain 10.10.2020, 05:54:22


Payal Mandal 10.10.2020, 05:46:41

Beautifully Written???

Riya Roy 10.10.2020, 05:17:38

Jst awsmm❤..

Kavita Baura 10.10.2020, 04:52:25

Warm wishes to uh dear

Taranpreet Kaur 10.10.2020, 04:26:45

Awsm.....too good u r just an fabulous writer Niha

Kanchi Kalal 09.10.2020, 23:43:22


Len-len Tirados 09.10.2020, 23:18:22

Looks like a very interesting story, likes following

Isha Aftab 09.10.2020, 22:41:53


Suman Patel 09.10.2020, 22:12:28

Best of luck ...... Aap tho awsome writer ho?...

Ranju 09.10.2020, 22:04:36

Perfectly written

Kirti Keti Sharma 09.10.2020, 22:01:02

Best of luck niha...
U r awesome writer..

anuj 09.10.2020, 21:52:38

Mehika Vaid 09.10.2020, 21:43:52

Good luck dear
God bless you
Warm wishes to u

Mehika Vaid 09.10.2020, 21:43:26

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