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Bad Boy's Last Love


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Ongoing: 29 Oct 72 pages

Publication: 06.10.2020 — ...
Contests: My love, my billionaire

Description of book "Bad Boy's Last Love "

Sid Matthews, an influential businessman in the city gets framed by one of his rivals.
He tries his best to earn back his place with a risky contract when he has to abide by the rules of his past. Meanwhile, his life with his bad girl takes a massive turn when a good girl enters.

He is different from other bad boys. His choice is different. He had never fallen in love. Still, she became his last love.

Who is she?

The girl whom he had known for years, had spent several nights making her moan his name?

Or the girl who had all the qualities of a perfect wife?

Whom did he choose? Is she a good girl or a bad girl?

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Riya Roy 26.10.2020, 10:26:33

Awesome...jst loved it ❤

Nargis Shaikh 25.10.2020, 16:00:40

kitni complicated h Sid ki life ....... Sid or uski mother k beech bht si misunderstanding h .... sid' s mom samajhti h k Sid unse nafrat karta h jabke Sid samajhta h k unhe uski fikar nhi or vo Alex ko zyada importance deti Hain

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Niharika 26.10.2020, 10:17:08

Comment has been deleted

Astha Yadav 25.10.2020, 19:16:43

Sana❤️ All what she do is what she really is... she don’t sympathise sid bt didn’t let him handle alone all the pressure.. this is also a kind of love

The last comment in the thread:

Niharika 26.10.2020, 10:17:01

Astha Yadav, ❤❤

Ananrita Ghosh 25.10.2020, 20:38:40


The last comment in the thread:

Niharika 26.10.2020, 10:16:32

Ananrita Ghosh, ❤❤

Nav Arora 26.10.2020, 10:08:02


Tasnia Tani 26.10.2020, 05:20:09

Amazing part.bella sana ko smoke krte dkh shock ho gyi.bella ko laga sana bht rudely baat karegi usse.par sana ne bht acchese baat ki usse.

The last comment in the thread:

Niharika 26.10.2020, 09:58:38

Tasnia Tani, ❤

ashwini s 25.10.2020, 14:01:07

interesting story..pls do update daily.

The last comment in the thread:

Niharika 26.10.2020, 09:58:14

ashwini s, Sure❤

Kajal Vishwakarma 26.10.2020, 09:48:15


Darsha riti 26.10.2020, 09:45:18

Sana nd sid ka fake marriage..don't know ye log kis way me ja rhe...Bella ke novel ki stories sch n ho jaye

Darsha riti 26.10.2020, 09:04:42

That one word trust affects sana so much❤️

Darsha riti 24.10.2020, 19:39:49

Woaaahhh sana ka dashing attitude

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The last comment in the thread:

Darsha riti 26.10.2020, 08:59:29

Niharika, ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Tasnia Tani 26.10.2020, 05:13:45

Amazing part.sid bht frustrate ho gya hy apni fmly ko leke.sana ne bella ko appoint ki.bella ko sid ki baato se bht gussa aaya.aab dkhte hy kya hota hy

Ranjitha Agarwal P 25.10.2020, 22:17:18

mko aur pdni h aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Isha Aftab 25.10.2020, 18:18:43


piya sahu 25.10.2020, 17:18:24

such a interesting story ryter g... ?

Nargis Shaikh 25.10.2020, 15:48:28

Nargis Shaikh 25.10.2020, 15:39:09


Avni Mahajan 25.10.2020, 14:41:25

Afrin Firdoas 25.10.2020, 10:30:30


Isha Aftab 24.10.2020, 23:46:23


Tasnia Tani 24.10.2020, 15:44:53

Amazing part.sana bht jealous ho gyi thi.par sid ki 1 word ne use shant kar diya.sid aur sana ki understanding bht acchi hy.bella sach me sid ko effect kr rhi.aab dkhte hy age kya hoga

The last comment in the thread:

Niharika 24.10.2020, 20:28:20

Tasnia Tani, ❤

Darsha riti 24.10.2020, 19:31:04

OMG bella ki entry...bella ek normal casual girl whin sid wo bilkul hi different ye sb se... billionaire.. plus he likes fr v bella ke bare me soch rha..strange..

Aayu Shi 24.10.2020, 17:37:01

Love or affection k bich bs ek bareek si line hoti h.....may be sana nd bella k bich bhi love nd affection ka difference hi hai.....lovely part

Astha Yadav 24.10.2020, 17:25:41

Oh plz bella come out of your story world.. isly family ne aj tk pala hai kya ki rude egoistic person ko partner banano fir usko sweet kro ..ya bekar bad boy ki life mei aa k changes lao.. no girl plz.. this is not love dovey life .. ki egoistic boss k sath pyar ho jaay or fir novel real life mei aa jaay.. real mei kuch bhe ho skta hai.. may be 2 bad persons are made for each other and 2 good for each other

Avni Mahajan 24.10.2020, 16:47:57


chinedu eze 24.10.2020, 16:27:31

Can't I download the story?

Tasnia Tani 24.10.2020, 15:27:08

Amazing part.aab kya hoga

Isha Aftab 24.10.2020, 15:08:17


Avni Mahajan 24.10.2020, 13:52:40

sid and sana❤️very unimaginable relationship between them....sid jitna bhi deny kr lai she loves sana....❤️❤️❤️
Bella is too attracted towards sid because of his personality

Astha Yadav 24.10.2020, 13:43:32

Oky so the twist is unraping slowly slowing...muje dkhna hai ki yh bella kese bnti hai 3rd person

Avni Mahajan 24.10.2020, 13:42:53

superb part ❤️❤️
sana is savage from the very beginning ❤️❤️❤️she is not hai muh par hai

Nav Arora 24.10.2020, 13:38:27


Nargis Shaikh 23.10.2020, 20:39:09

this story becomes more and more interesting ❤️❤️❤️

The last comment in the thread:

Niharika 23.10.2020, 21:27:26

Nargis Shaikh, ❤

Nav Arora 23.10.2020, 18:47:29

Ist meeting mein h Sana Ko doubt

Isha Aftab 23.10.2020, 15:34:31


Arundhati Sengupta 23.10.2020, 14:40:17

Aww! Whatever the storyline is, last love shd turn out to Sano, the one who was with him in every ups and downs

Priya Garg 23.10.2020, 14:17:34


Darsha riti 23.10.2020, 12:13:04

OMG alex ne to rescue kr liya Olivia ko..Sid nd sana tension me

Tasnia Tani 23.10.2020, 09:31:13

Wow fab part.bella bht nervous ho gyi.bechari ki hlt khrb ho gyi sid ka bhvr dkhke.bella kahi na kahi sid ko affect kr rhi.aab dkhte hy kya hoga.eagerly waiting for next chapter

Ritu Yadav 23.10.2020, 06:48:26

I hope sana is last love.....

Ranjitha Agarwal P 22.10.2020, 22:44:20

Naya entry

Vanshika Mulchandani 22.10.2020, 22:40:14

Nice story

Astha Yadav 22.10.2020, 19:34:54

Don’t know why but I’m liking bella here... huphh bcoz novels mei esa he pdte aay hai rude boss and sweet assistant ??‍♀️

Nav Arora 22.10.2020, 19:26:23

Sid aur Sana mein dooriyan a skti hai Bella ki wjah se part is good..

Saloni Seth 22.10.2020, 19:24:00

Bella is affecting sid....what happens when sana got to know about it...really interesting

Isha Aftab 22.10.2020, 19:21:45


anchal kumari 22.10.2020, 19:17:17

Oh my God I Thought Sid fall in love with sana but it's seem the real love of Sid will be bella excited for next part ??❤

Avni Mahajan 22.10.2020, 19:15:29

Amazing part ❤️❤️
Bella is soo simple girl

Laiba Zakariya Khan 22.10.2020, 19:12:17

This chapter was the best of all the chapter???

Priya Garg 22.10.2020, 19:11:56


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