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Bad Boy's Last Love


Story about:love, romance, my love my billionaire

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Ongoing: 29 Oct 72 pages

Publication: 06.10.2020 — ...
Contests: My love, my billionaire

Description of book "Bad Boy's Last Love "

Sid Matthews, an influential businessman in the city gets framed by one of his rivals.
He tries his best to earn back his place with a risky contract when he has to abide by the rules of his past. Meanwhile, his life with his bad girl takes a massive turn when a good girl enters.

He is different from other bad boys. His choice is different. He had never fallen in love. Still, she became his last love.

Who is she?

The girl whom he had known for years, had spent several nights making her moan his name?

Or the girl who had all the qualities of a perfect wife?

Whom did he choose? Is she a good girl or a bad girl?

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Jeenal Soni 22.10.2020, 19:03:40


Priya Garg 20.10.2020, 14:51:40

amazing, Alex sid se bhi jyada smart nikla... ab sid kya karega. our company ko bachane ke liye

Nargis Shaikh 20.10.2020, 10:02:06

Alex Olivia Tak pohcha kese...... ab Sid k liye aapni company ko bachana or difficult hogaya h ..... ❤️❤️❤️ nice

Angel Mehar 20.10.2020, 07:12:06


Tasnia Tani 19.10.2020, 07:12:29

Amazing part.alex ne sid ka plan fail kar diya.sid ko bht gussa aaya.lo bella ki entry ho gyi.sid bella me kho gya.well aab dkhte hy age kya hoga.

Ranjitha Agarwal P 18.10.2020, 22:36:26


Avni Mahajan 18.10.2020, 21:24:35


Avni Mahajan 18.10.2020, 21:24:16


Komal Gupta 18.10.2020, 21:12:01


Ananrita Ghosh 18.10.2020, 21:11:00


Priyanshi Agarwal 18.10.2020, 21:03:39


Isha Aftab 18.10.2020, 20:42:45


Aayu Shi 18.10.2020, 19:48:22

Is she going to be the 2nd lead here ? or villain ?.....waiting for next.....u going to well❤

Nav Arora 18.10.2020, 18:08:27

Ab Yeh Sana aur sid ke beech ayegi

Darsha riti 18.10.2020, 17:15:02

Alex was concerned about his wife...he'll not create more troubles for sid...He'll clear the mess..yeaaaahh..Sana's victory smile

Tasnia Tani 18.10.2020, 17:02:25

Amazing part.dono ka plan successful rha.aab sid kya bolega sana ko

Nargis Shaikh 17.10.2020, 23:35:13

❤️❤️❤️❤️ lovely

Nargis Shaikh 17.10.2020, 23:23:49


Angel Mehar 17.10.2020, 23:03:17


Nav Arora 17.10.2020, 20:13:41

Amazing... Superbb

Astha Yadav 17.10.2020, 19:06:47

Yess... whatever sid says actually has a point... it’s obvious to have feelings for someone if you are with them for soo long

Isha Aftab 17.10.2020, 18:40:24


Avni Mahajan 17.10.2020, 18:32:15

Avni Mahajan 17.10.2020, 18:13:23

sana this emotions are valid only for others when sid is talking

Suman Patel 17.10.2020, 16:37:21


Isha Aftab 17.10.2020, 16:34:43


Astha Yadav 17.10.2020, 13:42:12

Ok soo alex feels about olivia ... well lets see ki aage kya hota hai yh 3rd person kese aata hai inke beech

Simran Arora 17.10.2020, 10:19:02


Avni Mahajan 17.10.2020, 07:45:18

Avni Mahajan 17.10.2020, 07:34:31

Sid is like this just becz of the things that happened with him in past.... growing up in a broken family is not easy....His father's condition may be useless for sid but he is somewhere right thinking about his sons happiness.... superb part ❤️❤️❤️

Chanpreet Kaur 16.10.2020, 20:24:01


Priyanshi Agarwal 16.10.2020, 19:59:39

Amazing chapter. I think Alex loves his wife.. maybe. It's a guess.

Jeenal Soni 16.10.2020, 18:38:19


Nav Arora 16.10.2020, 18:19:02

Very nice parts.... Finally Alex is barking

Saloni Seth 16.10.2020, 18:18:14

its seems amazing

Nargis Shaikh 16.10.2020, 17:12:08

if Alex has contract marriage with Olivia then why he shouted on sid .... does he love Olivia

Nargis Shaikh 16.10.2020, 17:08:44


Darsha riti 16.10.2020, 17:00:58

Sana is the only support system to him...She is the only person on whom sid can rely on..Alex ki baji

Nargis Shaikh 16.10.2020, 16:56:56

yes Sid is right ...... marriage is not a sensible way to make anyone happy if koi zabardasti kar bhi leta h for property .... he'll not happy

Darsha riti 16.10.2020, 16:52:21


Tasnia Tani 16.10.2020, 12:49:15

Amazing part.aab kon aa gya

Komal Gupta 14.10.2020, 19:50:54


Anukriti Vyas 14.10.2020, 10:52:34

Wowwamezing book n grt stry ❣️

Vanshika Mulchandani 13.10.2020, 22:43:23

Nice something different as always

Pravi Singh 13.10.2020, 21:30:31

Interesting ❤️
Sid nd sana kidnapped Alex's wife ? Both support each other in the wrong things too instead of correcting ?

Darsha riti 13.10.2020, 20:52:18

Woahhh..Sana is way too witty..nd dono ka tadka sath me... both have bad habits..nd dono us chiz me ek dusre ka sath dete h

Pinu Ag 13.10.2020, 19:45:54

Oh amazing book.

Nav Leen Mehra 13.10.2020, 19:38:39

amazing part

Aayu Shi 13.10.2020, 19:37:55

Interesting story.....waiting for more twists nd turns ? u r realky going well

Nav Arora 13.10.2020, 19:36:14

Har part ke baad suspense interesting yrrrrr

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