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Description of book "Bartender Boy"

What happens when two people of same yet different countries meet ?
Will they create a spark or fire after meeting each other?
The opposites attract each other but what happens when two like minded people meet ?

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Nahid Sheikh
15.04.2021, 21:47:00

Is this d muslim love story? if it is hope u justify with d characters nd story according to islam(Plz am not saying to preach islam here coz v all r here for entertainment purpose but I am hoping the characters behave in certain way which isn't disrespectful towards religion). Well first chp seems interesting but I felt female lead character name would be different, coz whatever stories I am reading now a dayzzz on booknet there r mostly two names, either Maira or Amaira so that's why am saying..Nd ur name is really nice Elira, I even Googled to know d origin of name nd it's Albanian name. Are u Albanian or Indian??? Well I never heard Elira name in India..nd all d best for ur book :)

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