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Book. "Be Natural " read online

Be Natural

Degraded Teapot

Story about:adventure, sciencefiction, fantacy

Age restriction: 18+

28 367

#45 in Action fantasy
#9 in Post-apocalyptic

Complete 40 pages

Publication: 16.08.2022 — 03.09.2022

Description of book "Be Natural "

The near future world looks grim for all life on earth. It is nothing that we expected by the 22nd century. After a devastating 3rd world war which has wiped more than half of all life on earth, has been destroyed by humanity's greed and over use of Technology. It would be a long 65 years after the 3rd world war untill a young man came along and changed everything with his mysterious magical power.

Auther note: Be Natural is a series that I am creating that tackles real world problems with a fictional story. This is book 1 out of many, I have planned many seasons for this series. This first book is just the introduction to the main characters, power system, world building and setting. If you do enjoy reading my book's then please comment on them i am very curious what you say.


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24.09.2022, 08:53:13

More please!!

Degraded Teapot
24.09.2022, 18:24:38

Mestophile, I'm working on season 2 at the moment please be patient. Thank you for reading my book by the way, I really appreciate it.

Deniz Rustem
22.09.2022, 23:01:41


Degraded Teapot
23.09.2022, 15:05:49

Deniz Rustem, Hello denis it's good to see you. I wasn't expecting you to be here so soon im glad you download the app.

Deniz Rustem
22.09.2022, 23:01:08


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