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Book. "Beauty and the beast" read online

Beauty and the beast

Ritika Choudhary

Story about:billionaire, mafia, obsession and forced

Age restriction: 18+

123 1246

#476 in Romantic erotica
#1012 in Billionaires

On Hold: 28 Aug 12 pages

Publication: 07.07.2022 — ...

Description of book "Beauty and the beast"

She is like the moon beautiful and peaceful and he is like the sun arrogant,rude a beast but with a Greek personality and a handsome face. He is a business man and a mafia, he is one of the most feared person in the world. No one dares to look at him, a heartless beast a monster who just care about him self. he doesn't belives in love at all for him girls are like toy to fuck they are just made to pleasure them, he never fucks the same girl ever again and she is a model, an actresses and a business woman she belives in being self independent, a free bird with a lot of dreams to Fulfill a dream to fly high in the sky and somewhere she always used to think that someday someone is gonna come in her life who loves her care for her who can understand her better then even she understands herself


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28.08.2022, 11:49:59

update next chapter author

Vaishali Tyagi
11.07.2022, 21:37:18

nice storyline

Ritika Choudhary
26.08.2022, 19:24:49

Vaishali Tyagi, Can you please tell me how to upload pictures in the chapters

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