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Bed & Breakfast Next to the Pink Roses Hotel

Monica Euen

Story about:love, finding oneself, short story

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Publication: 16.09.2019 — 16.09.2019

Description of book "Bed & Breakfast Next to the Pink Roses Hotel"

No one really knew what the owner of the popular bed and breakfast had in mind - even after her death. Her wishes seemed clear...or were they. Her life was private, until her heirs tried to solve the mystery.

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Vijay Kerji 10.05.2020, 11:52:15

What an interesting story! The ending was too good, a happy ever after! You may need to elaborate on the subplots and tie the loose ends, but the main plot is exceptionally well written!

Celeste I. 17.12.2019, 08:42:39

What an intriguing story. The mystery didn't pick up until much later on, but the build-up did grow. The story was unpredictable about who's the guilty and suspicious party. The relationship between Kathy and Jesse is sweet, but it had a rocky start, with Jesse acting a little unusual and creepy at the beginning, thankfully, he did get better. Speaking of rocky, the transition to the hotel was a little sloppy in my opinion; it could've been paced and handled better.

I also like the relationship between Kathy and her parents (not her sister, though); it's so sweet and genuine. Kathy also has a pretty semi-active and robust personality. Jesse isn't too bad, though I wasn't too big a fan of him at first (I also thought he was a detective interrogating, Kathy, at the start, don't know why). Other characters don't have much screentime or scenes, but have definite personalities, although some are better than others.

I liked how the mystery built up, but it got resolved too quickly. I also wish the antagonists suffered the consequences too. At least the ending was lovely.

Tiffany Kole 17.09.2019, 18:11:39

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