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Book. "Belly dancer undercover " read online

Belly dancer undercover

NM Rudman

Story about:spy thriller, bellydancer, thriller romance

Age restriction: 18+

8 46

#416 in Romantic suspense
#52 in Action fantasy

On Hold: 10 Jul 11 pages

Publication: 10.07.2022 — ...

Description of book "Belly dancer undercover "

An international spy on a dangerous mission, after been ordered to meet up with a partner from his superiors but imagine his surprise when it turns out its the belly dancer.
The look on Mr. Dark and Dangerous after he realizes the famous belly dancer is going to be his partner is the best thing to happen to Majenta Kelly so far today. To prove to Dale Thomas aka Mr. Dark and Dangerous that she can hold her own is another matter altogether but after a harrowing chase from which they just escape with their lives, they are alone after receiving a critic message stating there is a mole in their agency and needing to trust each other to survive. Feeling blossom but will they survive?


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