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Better half


Story about:truelove, school life, slow burn

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On Hold: 06 Oct 20 pages

Publication: 26.08.2022 — ...

Description of book "Better half "

I was late again!!!! I was just beginning college and I started it on lateness. Nice one Ren!! I have always been an A student and I always want to keep it that way and being late for classes wan no going to get me that. Bit in my defense, I was on the night shift at work

and I forgot to set the alarm before going to bed... Urghhhhh. And the attention one gets from the lecturer and students for coming late to class, how I hate it. I love my space. All this I had on in my head without looking where I was going before I mindlessly hit a hard w
all and a liquid substance I later realized to be coffee on my favorite clothes. 'what the hell' was supposed to be my initial reaction but looking at the wall I hit, It stuck in my throat!!! It was Melvin. The school bad boy!!!


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