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Bewitch By The Billionaire

Raven Heart

Story about:billionaire revenge, billionaire romance heartbreak, billionaires trap

Age restriction: 18+

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#1128 in Romance
#504 in Billionaires

Complete 137 pages

Publication: 18.02.2021 — 18.02.2021

Description of book "Bewitch By The Billionaire"

Han Serene is an unwanted daughter. It was fortuned that she doesn’t have any clear future. Her mother disregard her and her twin sister Han Serena is the favored one. Little did she know, she’ll suffer from a man’s wrath because of her sister’s foolishness. Will she be able to prove that she's not her? Will she survive to his trap?

Song Yu Han is a billionaire who experienced a bitter past in the name of love. He promises to take revenge. But what if the woman that she wanted to feel his wrath needs to be comfort? Will he end up falling in love to that same face yet different character? What if his first love suddenly wants him?


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Abbela rec
10.08.2021, 07:04:29

why author you gotta stab us with the end 2x T ^ T

Abbela rec
10.08.2021, 06:14:46

sweetest chapter of all

Abbela rec
06.08.2021, 17:37:24

u r the best author~nim

Abbela rec
07.08.2021, 17:34:30

Raven Heart, no worries ( ^ U ^ )

Abbela rec
07.08.2021, 06:02:07

i love the chemistry between them all
thank author~nim

Raven Heart
07.08.2021, 16:20:58

Abbela rec, Thank you for the appreciation. I would love if you'll check my other books as well especially the new one. Stay safe. :)

Bernadette Makaka
18.04.2021, 16:31:57

Nice really enjoyed the story

Raven Heart
18.04.2021, 16:52:27

Bernadette Makaka, Thank you so much!

Pooja Singh
12.04.2021, 05:03:57

Really good story

Raven Heart
13.04.2021, 10:06:24

Pooja Singh, Thank you for appreciation! Hope you will still read my stories!

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