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Jessica Wright

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"Go out with me". It's hard to believe that four simple words could change someone's whole life, but, ever since Amy's best friend said them to her, her life took turns she could never have expected. He was handsome and you wouldn't know it to look at him, but he'd made a fortune writing romance novels. He should be every girl's dream, right?
Eve so, how do you go from childhood playmates to being in a romantic relationship? How does that work when all a girl wants to do is play video games?

Love is a 2-player game.

Amy's sister, Leah, has a secret. Dealing with her own feelings while trying to support her older sister isn't always easy. She's the star of the track team, but when an old friend shows up, her world changes. She soon learns she can't run away from her problems forever.

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Beryl Chemtai 11.08.2020, 16:11:29

the "they" in Parker's POV really bothered me. I just had to put it out there. Great book though. Waiting for updates

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Beryl Chemtai 16.08.2020, 19:56:51

Jessica Wright, oh that explains it thanks

Gracie Ella leonard 16.07.2020, 01:56:52

nice story dear, I'm loving it. please follow me back and like my new book titled the blessing in disguise. you can save it in your library for future updates, thanks❤❤

Ruechari 11.05.2020, 00:40:37

Psst! Update, please!

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Luna 18.06.2020, 22:54:32

Jessica Wright, Me too

Luna 17.06.2020, 23:25:19

Already addicted! Love it❤❤

Ruechari 04.04.2020, 15:50:12

It's times like these I miss inline commenting. Poor Amy, she's so clueless.

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Jessica Wright 04.04.2020, 17:06:49

True dat :p

Marilyn Lucero 02.04.2020, 09:00:03

Sad for Jeb.

Ruechari 29.03.2020, 22:01:29

Dah!!! It's like watching the last episode of My So Called Life but you best not keep me hanging Ms. Wright. I want more chapters. PLEASE!!!!

Celeste I. 29.03.2020, 04:18:32

I like how the characters are portrayed in this so far. They seem realistic, and their personalities bounce off each other well. I can see the leads as genuine friends and siblings. Maybe I'm not the biggest fan of romance, but I'm not buying it so far, even though it's the intention I believe. I understand some of the character's motivations and reasons for doing and acting that way, even if it isn't the most pure intentions.

I like the idea of showcasing two different sides of the story from two different people. I don't know where the story could lead, it's unpredictable, but also very slow-paced.

I like how the narration and dialogue is handled, it's authentic and believable. But it kind of bothers me that there's a lack of dialogue tags that go along with it. Not to mention, I can't tell the pacing for some of these some times.

I haven't caught up to the story yet, but here are my small thoughts on it so far. Sorry it isn't much. I'll try and give a more detailed review for the upcoming Book Nook later...

A. Neeson 19.02.2020, 10:47:56

I accepted quickly my mother's new husband, he's sweet

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Jessica Wright 19.02.2020, 16:56:25

That's good, but was your dad a decent guy? The point is that Jeb suffered years of emotional abuse, so he's more hesitant

Maira Digt 13.02.2020, 18:38:40

I like this story

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Jessica Wright 18.02.2020, 17:32:16

Krystal, I greatly appreciate the one!

Loreal Farmer 06.02.2020, 12:40:35 much time has passed

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Jessica Wright 06.02.2020, 16:46:17

lol. Yeah, it was on the back-burner. I'm just now actively working on it

Eva May 06.05.2019, 19:16:21


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Jessica Wright 05.02.2020, 02:28:42

Jenna Saren, Thanks!

Tanishq Bindal 06.06.2019, 09:20:58

pls can u update more chapters i am very eager to read them

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Jessica Wright 05.02.2020, 02:28:17

Tanishq Bindal, Done!

Rosemarie Canares 10.05.2019, 19:14:42

I like the story but it seems a little bit messed up. When I read the first four chapters it seemed like the words/the sentences are not related to the other. That's just my concerned but I still want to read more about it.

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Jessica Wright 10.05.2019, 19:52:15

Rosemarie Canares, Chapters?

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