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Billionaire and His Bodyguard.

Aliza Jabri

Story about:contract marriage, ptsd and mental health, my love my billionaire

Age restriction: 18+

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Publication: 20.08.2020 — 26.11.2020
Contests: My love, my billionaire

Description of book "Billionaire and His Bodyguard. "

Alexander had her pinned to the bed, she couldn't help but feel panicked at his touch.

"I can make you come Natalie, I can make you feel good," Alexander whispered in her ear in his seductive voice.

"Alexander please," Natalie flinched from his breath fanning her neck.

"I own you Natalie, you are mine," he bit the sensitive spot on her neck and she moaned.

"Look, how your body reacts to my touch. It's high time you stop fighting and give me what's mine," he was leaving open mouth kisses on her neck and she was whimpering beneath him.

She couldn't understand if it was from panic or delight, but Alexander's hold on her was strong and he was trailing kisses down her naked body making her panic even more.

What's causing Natalie to panic? Will his actions push her back in Abyss?

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Marilyn Calderon 28.11.2020, 02:03:32

much to my desire to read you book sad to say I can't continue because I dont have a credit to pay your book. thank you

Anjaani 27.11.2020, 19:57:51

and with that a beautiful story ended. a perfect ending. I really want to applaud Aliza for wrting on a sensitive topic of rape survivor and what all they have to go through. one of few books I came across so far where the female protagonist is strong while the Male protagonist is so considerate and support his lady love to over her traumatic past. no one could dare to write on PTSD except for Aliza. kudos to you my dear.

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Aliza Jabri guru 27.11.2020, 20:09:18

Anjaani, Thank you for this wonderful review dear, I can't tell you how much it means to me. I feel honored to receive such high praise from an outstanding writer as you.

pragya bhatnagar 26.11.2020, 12:19:19

I can not find more chapters after 14... where will I get complete book?

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pragya bhatnagar 26.11.2020, 18:11:22

Aliza Jabri, Wow, thank so much. I’ll do it now?

Precious Ria 26.11.2020, 13:43:19

I'm happy I was a part of their journey. My heart raced wildly when I was reading the confession part of Natalie. She is indeed lucky and Alex, I wish to meet someone like him in my life. I felt like a proud parent seeing their children growing up ,getting married and living happily ever after. They have come a long way ,they took things each step at a time and succeeded though their journey wasn't all beds and roses .This is so overwhelming. I felt alive reading this book.

Shruti Gupta Agarwal 26.11.2020, 08:47:57

I don't believe the story has ended. I so wanted to read more. But it has been an awesome journey. I truly loved the story though, Alexander a little more...
Thankyou for sharing this amazing story.

Danita Springfield 26.11.2020, 01:38:54

I love a happy ending. Very sweet.

Ifunanya Judith 23.11.2020, 22:32:52

Aliza please how do we know the winners

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Ifunanya Judith 24.11.2020, 17:28:28

Aliza Jabri, no prob looking forward to another one

Bakare Oyinkansola 24.11.2020, 11:03:37

So lovely
I hope she falls for Alexander

Amaka Onwudiwe 22.11.2020, 10:19:05

I love your novels very much

Danita Springfield 21.11.2020, 16:19:07

very sweet moment

Shruti Gupta Agarwal 21.11.2020, 16:01:33

Alexander never fails to amaze me with his selfless love for Natalie and this was no exception. I love the way he confesses his love to her. Now the wait is only to hear Natalie saying the same with the same intensity.
I have started loving them as a couple now...
Great Update...

Heavenly 21.11.2020, 09:16:52

Dang, he's seriously in Love. Hope Natalie will give him a chance.

Shruti Gupta Agarwal 20.11.2020, 13:30:42

Alas, Natalie is free. I am so happy for both of them...

Danita Springfield 18.11.2020, 20:02:15


The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri guru 18.11.2020, 20:24:53

Danita Springfield, Yes, finally.

Precious Ria 18.11.2020, 14:38:34

Finally!! I'm happy for them!!Natalie indeed is a survivor as my babe Alex said and not a victim . ❤❤

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri guru 18.11.2020, 20:24:10

Precious Ria, She is a survivor, a warrior.

Shruti Gupta Agarwal 10.11.2020, 14:00:51

This is one thing that was much needed, a real heart to heart convo. I loved Alexander's way of confession. His words were full of honesty and affection for Natalie... Alexander is pure love. He is a gem of a person... Just hope Natalie soon realises that even she is falling for him. The poor girl really needed someone to make her feel safe and Alexander is doing it... Hats off to his efforts...

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Aliza Jabri guru 18.11.2020, 20:21:08

Sonia Babbar, Thank you so much, love. If readers like you keep supporting me. I am sure the day won't be far.

Precious Ria 17.11.2020, 17:29:59

I'm grateful that I won the giveaway and got the chance to read this book❤thank you so much Aliza . I really really love each and every book of yours and BAHB has only set the standard of your books higher than already it is.Do not worry at all.. the book is well written so dont doubt if we like the book or not . i finished reading this book within a day and I'm waiting to know what is going to happen next .And Guys please like the book and help the author win the contest "My love My Billionaire" . If you cannot afford this book dont worry take part in giveaways and also try reloading your wallet for free. And finally I'm happy I get to read this book -Alex is such a sweetheart and Natalie deserves all the happiness in the world. I'll always support your works Aliza You are wonderful and Flourish more in your life ❤❤

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri guru 17.11.2020, 23:44:21

Precious Ria, Thank you so much, for your kind words dear. They surely motivate me to keep writing.

Shruti Gupta Agarwal 16.11.2020, 22:08:11

Natalie just proved that she is a fighter and her biggest support is Alexander. It was really thoughtful of her to kill her biggest nightmare alongside him. The best thing was the response of Vladimir over the incident... I hope atleast now she doesn't sees those brown orbs instead of Alexander's blue ones.
By the end of the chapter, the update really made me smile...

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri guru 16.11.2020, 22:18:07

Shruti Gupta Agarwal, Welcome honey.

Danita Springfield 16.11.2020, 15:16:28

They freed her together. She can trust him with her heart, thus making it safe to trust him with her body. Nice.

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri guru 16.11.2020, 22:17:46

Danita Springfield, Thank you for your encouraging comments.

Ritu Sandhu 15.11.2020, 09:33:58

Plzzz update

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri guru 16.11.2020, 22:17:17

Ritu Sandhu, Updated

Ting Mertola 14.11.2020, 17:13:01

Next chapter please...

Thank you Aliza?

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri guru 16.11.2020, 22:16:59

Ting Mertola, Updated

Marites Salimbangon 16.11.2020, 12:58:09

waiting for updates,..please

Leny Gale 13.11.2020, 07:25:27

Free book story.

Danita Springfield 12.11.2020, 21:43:30


Anjaani 12.11.2020, 19:24:42

oh my God, didn't see that coming.

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri guru 12.11.2020, 19:43:46

Anjaani, I know, it will be a shocker for u

Merlyn Aquino 11.11.2020, 19:55:35

Comment has been deleted

abira chaudry 09.11.2020, 15:31:29

Being a rape victim and living with it is not easy. no matter how hard she tries to move forward she seems to be failing. i hope once alex tells her he loves her she will be able to overcome her fears for him.

Gigi Otanes 09.11.2020, 11:55:02

very interesting story. it gets better every chapter.

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri guru 09.11.2020, 11:59:45

Gigi Otanes, Thank you so much.

Shruti Gupta Agarwal 08.11.2020, 14:28:36

I feel sorry for both of them... Poor soul. She needs to overcome her fear and the way she is trying is commendable but she is failing miserably... But now Alexander finally needs to confess his feelings. Maybe it can help her...

Danita Springfield 08.11.2020, 13:53:03

I hope he tells her the truth.

Shruti Gupta Agarwal 04.11.2020, 00:58:39

i have always been in awe the way alexander is being considerate to her and feels good to see Natalie accepting his baby steps but then why this?
Although the update was good but Natalie went too far by the end of the chapter...
Awful cliffhanger...

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The last comment in the thread:

Shruti Gupta Agarwal 07.11.2020, 07:12:00

Shruti Gupta Agarwal, Absolutely... I love him too...

Joeys mama 07.11.2020, 04:08:27

This is a beautiful story I enjoy reading it the growing friendship between Natalie and Alexander how Natalie is slowly healing

Danita Springfield 06.11.2020, 23:15:12

I love the dream. That was an amazing answer to you cliffhanger. loving it.

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri guru 06.11.2020, 23:37:05

Danita Springfield, Thanks

Shruti Gupta Agarwal 06.11.2020, 22:32:55

Oh my god... That was deadly. Hadn't expected this.
Loved it though. I am so happy with the growing chemistry between the two... I wish i could hear them talk a little more. They way alexander treats her is like he his handling a fragile doll. A moment of carelessness and it might break.

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri guru 06.11.2020, 22:46:09

Shruti Gupta Agarwal, I know

Danita Springfield 04.11.2020, 02:48:38

Natalie is a soldier. She will catch something and he will have to help her. Will he risk his life to save her is the question. How much does he love her?

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri guru 06.11.2020, 22:45:57

Danita Springfield, Let's see honey

Danita Springfield 02.11.2020, 15:56:09

She loves him and want to keep him as close as possible. It is not just about how she is affected anymore. She has concern for his feelings too.

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri guru 06.11.2020, 22:45:21

Danita Springfield, Yes, lets hope for the best.

Shruti Gupta Agarwal 03.11.2020, 13:21:14

Finally Natalie is understanding that Alexander doesn't lust over her, infact he loves her. And happy to see how far Natalie has come in overcoming her fear...
I am hoping their relation to go to another level soon because now Natalie is ready to give in.
It was an amazing update... Thankyou

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri guru 06.11.2020, 22:44:06

Shruti Gupta Agarwal, yes, love them both.

bharat jio 02.11.2020, 11:10:39

oh dear..
you are an amzing writer..
what a lovely update it is..!
I loved their conversation..!!
keep writing and stay safe..!

Ifunanya Judith 01.11.2020, 19:54:18

please Aliza, do complete Venom and Not all Weddings are fairy tale. Thanks

Amidat Animashaun 31.10.2020, 22:06:45

pls complete it

bharat jio 30.10.2020, 19:28:25

simply beautiful..!
it's a lovely story.. I like the positivity of the story very much..
this transformation in Alexander is very touching...!
I wish for nat to overcome from her trauma and live a loving life with her awesome husband..!!
stay safe and take care

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri guru 30.10.2020, 21:47:10

bharat jio, Thank you

Anjaani 29.10.2020, 11:38:30 cute

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The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri guru 30.10.2020, 18:59:49

Anjaani, Wow, I read ur comments today, hahaha.
You two ladies had lit up my comment section.

Gigi Otanes 29.10.2020, 09:13:34

hoping for the continuation soon

Shruti Gupta Agarwal 29.10.2020, 08:01:07

Finally it seems that Natalie is trying hard. I am sure that it won't take much time and alexander being alexander, was actually being more patient now.
I loved the kissing part. It's only him who can such a question before kissing...

Danita Springfield 29.10.2020, 03:42:39

This is very sweet.

Danita Springfield 28.10.2020, 02:31:04

A new beginning. Friendship. I like where this is going.

abira chaudry 27.10.2020, 16:56:30

wow.. superb.atleast Natalie opened up to Alex because he showed her he loves her by not forcing her to be intimate. i cant wait to see what is his reaction to what she has been through. awesome book.i love it.

Shruti Gupta Agarwal 27.10.2020, 13:58:52

I loved the way how you described the scene in afghanistan.. Happy to read that finally Natalie is able to see the change in him and finally alexander.. he will be at ease because now he can make her trust him...

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri guru 27.10.2020, 14:09:35

Shruti Gupta Agarwal, Thank you so much.

Danita Springfield 25.10.2020, 17:02:08

Nicely written. He resisted being a jerk and used his self control. She felt safe and expressed what happened. They have something to work with now.

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri guru 27.10.2020, 13:31:55

Danita Springfield, Thank you.

Apoorva 27.10.2020, 13:26:46


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