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Billionaire Ceo's Euphoria

Syanja J

Story about:family and friends, painful past, loveatfirstsight

51 661

#474 in Romance
#243 in Billionaires

Ongoing: 23 May 115 pages

Publication: 20.04.2022 — ...

Description of book "Billionaire Ceo's Euphoria"

Syanja was a very hardworking and passionate girl. She lived in a small town in a big country. She was so supportive and understanding. Her family was facing financial problems so she decided to help them after so many jobs which failed unluckily she shattered. One day Syanja was sitting in her room and lost in her imagination when an idea popped into her mind why not to write a novel. She put herself together and started work on it. After so many tries she got selected. She moved out of the city as the big company hired her as an official Author. Jeong Jung-Hoon, he fell in love with her kindness and beauty and started dreaming about her. On the other hand the CEO of Syanja's company also fell in love with her. Syanja's ex came back in her life and made her life miserable.


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