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Book. "Billionaire Fierce Love" read online

Billionaire Fierce Love


Story about:billionaire in love, mafiaking, mafia billionaire and hidden secrets

Age restriction: 18+

97 636

#420 in Romantic erotica
#894 in Billionaires

On Hold: 29 Sep 48 pages

Publication: 25.09.2022 — ...

Description of book "Billionaire Fierce Love"

An Interior Designer Wei Lin has been assigned to a new project to renovate the great Old Mansion of the Feng Corp one of biggest company in Beijing but she got no that someone had awaits her coming at the Old Mansion.Feng Teng the President of Feng Corp, a devastatingly handsome, utterly confident, a strong builder, anyone whom seen him will bend down immediately with fears and pleasure seeking playboy who knows no boundaries. Wei Lin doesn't want to be attracted to this man and yet she can't control the overwhelming desire and fears that he effected in her since the first met. She knows that her heart will never survive from his poisonous attraction. But Wei Lin instinct keep telling her to run away but Feng Teng never willing to let her go. ...18+


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Dream Soul
12.10.2022, 11:42:13

Please update frequently

13.10.2022, 09:54:05

Dream Soul, Afcourz dr, I wl try my best but m also trying to reach platform target, Hope you kept this book on the Library n share it as much as you can... thank you for ur support..

Aurora ami
26.09.2022, 11:01:54

it's so

26.09.2022, 12:40:41

Aurora ami, Hope you like it...

Dream Soul
26.09.2022, 08:33:13


26.09.2022, 09:09:28

Dream Soul, Thank you dear.....U r the first one to comment on this book on the Very day it got published, So Welcome n hope you like this book n keep it on the library n check out other books too ....

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