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Billionaire for Rent

Kiah Freed

Story about:billionaire love, billionaire and romance, boyfriend for rent

Age restriction: 18+

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#2180 in Billionaires
#969 in Contemporary Romance

On Hold: 19 Oct 17 pages

Publication: 11.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "Billionaire for Rent"

Getting a boyfriend to present to your family is a big deal when you are a woman in your late 20s, especially if you are of Asian descent with a conservative family. They will keep on asking when you will get married no matter how much you explain that you just want a single life and even worse is to set you up for an arrange marriage.

Sasha Reales, who just had her 28th birthday earlier this year, was set up for an arrange marriage. To escape the bind, she rented a boyfriend to call off her engagement. There is no problem with that until she realized that whom she rented was her billionaire boss, an extremely terrible office tyrant. What is his boss doing in a rental app?


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ruk p
08.03.2021, 20:29:55

Comment has been deleted

Kiah Freed
25.10.2020, 07:52:30

thank you for reading!

Baishakhi Das
20.10.2020, 13:58:23

So much fun

Kiah Freed
24.10.2020, 04:58:27

Baishakhi Das, thank you for reading!!

Emilia Arisa Yusa
19.10.2020, 04:15:29


Kiah Freed
19.10.2020, 11:13:40

Emilia Arisa Yusa, thank you for the support!

Rudelyn Tomogsok Placencia
18.10.2020, 01:30:23

Goooosh~ I can't wait for the next updateee!

Kiah Freed
19.10.2020, 04:10:45

Rudelyn Tomogsok Placencia, i will make sure to update as soon as possible!!

Rudelyn Tomogsok Placencia
18.10.2020, 01:31:05

I think I'm in love with this story!

Kiah Freed
19.10.2020, 04:10:25

Rudelyn Tomogsok Placencia, omg thank you for the support ❤️❤️❤️

Rudelyn Tomogsok Placencia
18.10.2020, 01:32:23

Hope that rental apps are true although I don't have the money to go on a date HAHAHHA

Kiah Freed
19.10.2020, 04:10:04

Rudelyn Tomogsok Placencia, I hope so too!! thank you for reading Rude ❤️

Kiah Freed
11.10.2020, 08:39:29

hope you read this

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