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Publication: 03.10.2020 — 26.10.2020

Description of book "Billionaire, my love"

The story of xheng faxian a child wanted to become a warrior like his sister. He sees his sister as a warrior who used to save world no matter they are enemey or friend.
But the death of mother at very short age he grew up with the disease.
His sister would do every thing to treat his brother and cared for him as he was afraid of darkness.
As a death of his mother took place when it was raining, whenever he sees rain or get wet in rain he forgets every girl he met or dated. So for support his sister used to keep a memory card in his office so that he could recall his memories.
His secretory a really polite and honest to his master would do anything for him.
Then a girl named li miao from diffrent country entered his life, loved him and made him remind all beautiful moments and enjoy it.


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Nelie Cabanero
13.05.2022, 00:18:32

He author needs to go back to schol & study English, particularly grammar & composition.

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