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Book. "Billionaire Secretary (2)" read online

Billionaire Secretary (2)

Jessica Anthony

Series: The billionaire Secretary

Story about:love, obsession, arrogant husband

Age restriction: 18+

96 1083

#513 in Billionaires
#1111 in Romance

On Hold: 04 Dec 11 pages

Publication: 16.10.2022 — ...

Description of book "Billionaire Secretary (2)"

Alexa Williams sat outside the church ,in which she was supposed to get married , she sat there crying her heart out , he was her first love but he ended up breaking her heart , will she ever have a reason to love , maybe in her next life she thought .
Alexander black , an arrogant ,cold blooded mafia .
He's also known as a playboy , who fucks every woman he come across , he doesn't have the heart to love but he doesn't know what fat has installed for him .

Harry gates , a handsome man who every lady would want to end up in his bed .
His motive is to get married to his childhood friend ,alexa Williams ,just for her virginity.on their weeding day
he was caught having an affair with another woman


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Marjory Bloom
26.02.2023, 14:57:09

booknet says this book is finished but looks not finished ??

Ejuwa Taiwo
03.01.2023, 16:37:17

nice one

12.12.2022, 13:06:18

Wahoooo.... Am enjoying it

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