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Billionaire's Love or Revenge


Story about:firstlove, manipulation, friendship and romance

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#92 in Billionaires

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Description of book "Billionaire's Love or Revenge"

Siddharth and Shweta were madly in love during their school days, but no one dared to open their mouths, thinking their friendship would break. Due to one misunderstanding Siddarth went away from her and they didn’t meet again as Siddarth went to Canada for higher studies.

Siddharth met Shweta in the official party organized by his partner for successful merging of their companies and he thought Shweta is leading a happy life, making his life a disaster and started to create suspicion in her husband’s mind, which resulted in Shweta landing in his house for support.

This is the story of lies, betrayal, hatred and twists. Can Swetha survive this Marriage of revenge and make this marriage successful or she will be destroyed by Siddarth for his revenge?

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Bhomira Mehta 22.01.2021, 18:17:08

When are we expecting next update,really exciting to read further.

Kuruva Sravanthi 21.01.2021, 17:24:52

when will be next update
update soon....

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Kuruva Sravanthi 21.01.2021, 23:56:06

Kuruva Sravanthi, tq...

Nahid Sheikh 20.01.2021, 15:43:42

why no new update??

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Shams 21.01.2021, 13:06:15

Nahid Sheikh, I will update it tomorrow...

Nahid Sheikh 17.01.2021, 03:46:23

writer u surely know how to make reader feel sad at one moment and at another u make us smile...I literally had tears in my eyes when Sid told Aakash about shweta that she was laying with her torn clothes in front of another man rather than her husband...and I litery laugh how Aakash manipulated shruti's father and he cancelled his ticket...loving this story dear writer ur both stories deserves more likes and appreciation :)

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Shams 17.01.2021, 08:01:13

Nahid Sheikh, ThanQ very much for your appreciation

Dream of books 16.01.2021, 13:48:07

tq so much author

Dream of books 16.01.2021, 13:16:30

update soon please

Dream of books 15.01.2021, 16:22:00

you are the best author I really laughed heartfully in this Corona time tq so much

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Shams 15.01.2021, 18:48:43

Dream of books, ThanQ for the comment

Rubina Amreen 13.01.2021, 17:14:17

One more chapter please update today na

The last comment in the thread:

Shams 13.01.2021, 17:24:03

Rubina Amreen, Sorry dear, it's already late, I promise you will like tomorrow's chapters.

Nahid Sheikh 12.01.2021, 22:28:15

i really love shweta's this Avatar... loving this story :)

vijie 12.01.2021, 19:51:00

beautiful update

Dream of books 12.01.2021, 19:39:15

update please I'm very eagerly waiting

Dream of books 12.01.2021, 19:36:55

Shweta should maintain This personality only please

Dream of books 12.01.2021, 15:58:15

I think Shweta should know the truth and Aakash should know the real feelings of Sid from shwetha please after than u can find the culprit who tried to kill Sid please

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Shams 12.01.2021, 17:14:35

Dream of books, Sure

Dream of books 12.01.2021, 15:59:03

this chapter really made me laugh of Aakash and shwetha

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Shams 12.01.2021, 17:05:44

Dream of books, ThanQ for your comment

Chanderika Sharma 08.01.2021, 17:44:50

This story deserves more stars ❤️❤️

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Bhomira Mehta 10.01.2021, 19:02:19

Chanderika Sharma, Seriously atleast if ppl are not commenting they should atleast give ⭐

Dream of books 10.01.2021, 16:19:56

omg omg author you are grear

Dream of books 10.01.2021, 16:11:57

I will not like Shweta I love Shweta Beautiful and wonderful makeore teasing and should be seen by akash and Shruthi also please

Nahid Sheikh 10.01.2021, 14:53:56

I like this feisty side of shweta... today's update was fun loving I really enjoyed it :)

Nahid Sheikh 09.01.2021, 16:16:03

finally Sid got to know the truth...I think Sid's mother has come to mend their relationship

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Shams 09.01.2021, 17:22:56

Nahid Sheikh, Correct guess

Dream of books 09.01.2021, 15:53:25

please now Sid will neg for Shweta she should go far because now she can't trust him also this 3rd time first in college ,then at her marriage ,now omg please make shwetah strong and move away from him now he should convince her and she should not believe him please

Dream of books 09.01.2021, 15:43:59

eagerly waiting for your next chapter

The last comment in the thread:

Shams 09.01.2021, 15:48:39

Dream of books, I will try...

vijie 09.01.2021, 15:46:05

vijie 08.01.2021, 18:43:20


Arpita 04.01.2021, 08:42:17

Thanks for your amazing story. Waiting for your next update ❤️

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Shruti Singh 08.01.2021, 18:39:36

Arpita, it means abhi is son of sophie and sid
and sophie left him

Nahid Sheikh 07.01.2021, 21:51:02

awww lovey dovey chapters... writer I wanna ask one question when Sid will get to know that shweta did not ditch him in school??

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Arpita 08.01.2021, 18:17:28

Shams, Oh no...But interesting

Rubina Amreen 08.01.2021, 15:57:39

oh no again same misunderstanding..please try to update today next chapter writer

vijie 06.01.2021, 13:56:48

Arpita 06.01.2021, 07:46:59

The story is being interesting. I like it!

vijie 05.01.2021, 18:05:12


Kuruva Sravanthi 05.01.2021, 18:03:17

cant wait to read plz... update fastly

Kuruva Sravanthi 04.01.2021, 15:00:29

plzz update fastly

vijie 04.01.2021, 04:56:42


Nahid Sheikh 03.01.2021, 16:10:03

I don't like shruti from the beginning..she was not happy when shweta and Sid were together in school what shocking for me was she started crying in car when Sid and Shweta kissing and now also she behaves like a vamp...I get negative vibes from her character I don't know is there any suspense behind this or it's just my thought about her...and achha hua Sid ne usko achhe se suna diya i was happy when he scold her...keep up the good work writer i really like this turns and twists story of urs and pls update unexpected marriage also...thanks:)

Arpita 03.01.2021, 08:06:12

I'm waiting for an amazing twist in the story again may be good or bad. And please also do Shweta and Shruti's friendship again.

Arpita 03.01.2021, 08:04:50

Dear Author, since you've already returned the love between Sid and Shweta again then plz also do Shweta and Shruti's friendship again.

Arpita 02.01.2021, 17:43:53

Dear Author, you're an amazing writer according to me and keep on writing this interesting story but also keep updating more everyday.

The last comment in the thread:

Shams 02.01.2021, 19:19:55

Arpita, Thank you for your comment Arpita

Rubina Amreen 01.01.2021, 17:19:09

any more chapters today?

vijie 01.01.2021, 08:16:10


Arpita 31.12.2020, 16:25:29

Happy New Year to you as well! And I really appreciate and like your writing style.

Rubina Amreen 31.12.2020, 15:35:21

Awaiting for next update soon

Nahid Sheikh 31.12.2020, 15:14:11

when will Siddharth get to know that shweta didn't ditch him in past and Rajat blackmailed her??? hope he gets to know the truth soon..

Rubina Amreen 30.12.2020, 16:48:20

can we expect any some chapters today

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Rubina Amreen 31.12.2020, 07:09:42

Shams, So humble of you to revert, will be awaiting for the next chapters thanks.

Nahid Sheikh 30.12.2020, 12:54:48

Ohhh God poor shweta...can't wait to read next chapters... please update soon

Rubina Amreen 29.12.2020, 15:22:36

thx for update but only 2 chapters ? add more na

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Rubina Amreen 29.12.2020, 17:15:24

Rubina Amreen, Hope you can add more today only

Arpita 29.12.2020, 16:45:24

Dear Author,
Please try to update your book everyday. It is really interesting to read it ☺️

vijie 29.12.2020, 15:46:25


Rajni Kumari 28.12.2020, 19:14:59

Hope sid will realize soon that sweta is innocent

Nahid Sheikh 28.12.2020, 12:49:26

started reading this story day before yesterday and completed all chapter today and I must say story is very interesting...can't wait to read more please update soon...:)

Rubina Amreen 28.12.2020, 12:12:52

when is the next update its intresting story

Bhomira Mehta 28.12.2020, 07:54:26

When is the next update going to come
Can't wait anymore ❤❤♥️♥️

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