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Billionaire's Obsession or Love

Khurshida Khushi

Series: Billionaire's Obsession or Love

Story about:romance, possessive billionaire

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#34 in Billionaires
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Complete 72 pages

Publication: 08.12.2020 — 23.12.2020

Description of book "Billionaire's Obsession or Love"

Ace Roberts,

The owner of Robert Corporation. He has everything a girl wants. He once a Prince charming. But, when his girlfriend cheated on him. He became a heartless womanizer.He starts using girl like clothes..

Bella Knight,

A sweet, simple yet beautiful girl. She loves Ace since her childhood but Ace never notice her. She is the princess of her parents. When she saw her love turned into a heartless womanizer she wants to change him but she end up being his obsession.

Will Bella able to turn the womanizer into the prince charming aging?

Will Ace ever notice Bella?

Will his obsession will turn into love?

Let's find out dear readers..

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NAINAJAFAR 21.12.2020, 15:58:08

what a twinkle twinkle version

The last comment in the thread:

Khurshida Khushi 21.12.2020, 16:18:00

N A I N A J A F A R, Yeah. I made it. Now I am fearing if the real writer of the poem found out I made his so popular poem as funny. He is kill me (:

kinnari patil 21.12.2020, 16:13:04

The entier update is so awwwwww......

Chanderika Sharma 21.12.2020, 15:55:53

Nice chapter....

NAINAJAFAR 21.12.2020, 15:46:51

baby ace is very cute

Nadia Maidin 21.12.2020, 15:29:37

Nxt chapter pls.

NAINAJAFAR 21.12.2020, 14:22:26

update pls

aarohi Ch 21.12.2020, 14:05:07

please .............I am waiting

Psychology World 21.12.2020, 14:00:49

Pls update soon ?

Psychology World 21.12.2020, 14:00:29


aarohi Ch 21.12.2020, 12:24:33

plzzz update .....I am super excited for the next chapter

Nadia Maidin 21.12.2020, 11:36:00

Update pls. Exciting story..

Kavita Yenurkar 21.12.2020, 07:23:26

wow I am really praying that ace doesn't gets to know that he is zander oh and I am waiting for updates (●♡∀♡)

Allison Underdonk Peterman 21.12.2020, 05:38:20

Oh yes! that chapter was fabulous!!!!!!! You go Bella!!! I love it!

mmy my 21.12.2020, 03:18:14

Nice story!

Kassidy Brown 20.12.2020, 22:49:48

when is the new update

Allison Underdonk Peterman 18.12.2020, 23:21:46

I love this story so much. this chapter makes me know its about to get good!!! If you decide to make it where we pay i will pay after Christmas. super excited regardless of what you do. I cannot wait for him to get a taste of his medicine. us I think he doesnt want Kat back he is playing his own game.

The last comment in the thread:

Khurshida Khushi 20.12.2020, 18:50:50

Allison Underdonk Peterman, I glad to hear you will not leave my book. Keep reading dear. I will not sell this book..

Chanderika Sharma 20.12.2020, 16:57:16

Today's chapter is really nice.....

Arundhati Sengupta 20.12.2020, 14:16:52

Good chapter

Jyothi Chinnabathuni 20.12.2020, 13:47:13

I enjoyed this chapter. very nice story

Sri diaries 20.12.2020, 13:39:04

as usual "Google Baba bahot Gyani hai!!"
Google Baba ki jai ho!!

Ziya Kausar 20.12.2020, 13:12:42

Very excited for the next step of bella

vijie 20.12.2020, 12:31:18


Priyanka Singh 20.12.2020, 11:10:26

thank you so much for free episode

aarohi Ch 20.12.2020, 10:15:23

plzzz update it ASAP

Allison Underdonk Peterman 20.12.2020, 05:39:20

I'll check your friends book out

Ada Minainyo 19.12.2020, 21:44:26

Love it

vijie 19.12.2020, 19:57:05


Black lilly 19.12.2020, 18:51:30

I know it's bad to advertise in someone's work but please read my novel

Yashika Jain 19.12.2020, 16:39:09

I just love Caroline. She's too much fun

Chanderika Sharma 19.12.2020, 14:41:20

Awesome story..........

Nahid Sheikh 19.12.2020, 12:42:08

i love Caroline she is really giving tough time to Katrina...and please take care of ur health writer :)

Syeda Noorah 19.12.2020, 12:04:50

I really really loved the story....Plz update it fast...

Aarushi Jain 19.12.2020, 11:15:51

good going dear writer.the plan that the two girls made was fantastic but on the contrary i think how difficult would it be for bella to be rude to her childhood love.
anyways the story is absolutely fantastic.

soumi mondal 19.12.2020, 11:06:23

thank you for let this book free... and love you and this story

Archana Desai 19.12.2020, 10:56:32

can't wait

likkita 19.12.2020, 10:07:43

get well soon dear

Ziya Kausar 19.12.2020, 10:00:14

It's too exciting .I can't get enough. Very impatient for the next update

sandhya 19.12.2020, 09:22:35

plz don't make it paid

Anjali Mukhia 19.12.2020, 08:23:03

please don't make it paid

Buhari sekinat 19.12.2020, 00:33:38

wow...l love this story so much... update soon

Aparna Mishra 18.12.2020, 14:48:50

pls don't make it paid it's really interesting story.

aarohi Ch 18.12.2020, 12:21:54

please update it soon.....

Anita Konadufrimpong 18.12.2020, 10:27:48

I love love this please update

Anita Konadufrimpong 18.12.2020, 10:26:55

Very beautiful story please update

likkita 18.12.2020, 10:26:30

I really like this story.u are an amazing writer. u are the best

aarohi Ch 18.12.2020, 06:12:11

please I really like this story a lot ......and I am super excited for upcoming chapters so plzz update it as soon as possible ......

Nahida Innayat 18.12.2020, 06:10:20

Please don't be upset

Pratiksha Khandagale 17.12.2020, 21:56:05


Author Khushi 17.12.2020, 20:29:46

Dear author .......please don't make this book paid, its a very interesting book. At least for the few people who are reading your book and enjoying it and sending u love requests that they can't pay for them please think again, its a humble request. please don't make this book paid plzzzzzzzzzzz

Archana Desai 17.12.2020, 18:37:22

can't wait

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