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Description of book "Billionaire's Revenge"

Arnnelle's life changed drastically after her parents died. She was just a 14 year old child left all alone in the world. She was in desperate need of money for rent and food but getting a job wasn't an easy task. An older girl named Angela, who was her neighbor as well as schoolmate, offered to give her so money if she posed as her friend, Maddy, in front of her boyfriend. She soon realised, getting involved with Angela was a bad idea she would live to regret for a long time. And that little lie she unwillingly participated in, will bring her unexpected pain.....

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Mesele Manne 13.01.2021, 03:06:21

enjoying the updated chapters already just don't take long on updates Lilly the suspence and waiting is shooooooo

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Flame Lily 23.01.2021, 01:38:23

Mesele Manne, thanks so much for enjoying this one too. I will try to update as often as I can.

Mia Khan 17.01.2021, 22:26:19

I love ur works so far, been following from ur first book . the way u bring the plot n the storyline non dragging long style I love it!!!!!

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Flame Lily 23.01.2021, 01:35:56

Mia Khan, thanks a lot.

Shanaya 18.01.2021, 19:13:02

I just love this story. As it is not like other billionaire stories and is spicing up with each new update.. Plots have been planned with so much efforts and I must say they have come out very great ???and nice. Please continue updating.. Loving your book so much..

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Flame Lily 23.01.2021, 01:34:26

Shanaya, thank you so much. I will continue to do my best. your words mean a lot to me.

Shylet Matizha 20.01.2021, 12:37:19

l am not sure if my comment delivered. Anyways l am enjoying myself tremendously an l wish this book could go on and on and on. You are a star Flame Lily

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Flame Lily 23.01.2021, 01:32:32

Shylet Matizha, thank you so much for your support. I really appreciate it.

reena agrawal 22.01.2021, 14:57:13

When will you update? We are waiting

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Flame Lily 23.01.2021, 01:31:38

reena agrawal, sorry for the late update. I have just updated, hope you like them.

Sanelisiwe Simatu 15.01.2021, 10:45:28

Enjoying the book so far but the update time frame is killing me...

Kavita Yenurkar 13.01.2021, 05:39:38

but why is Lily afraid of Angela (*・~・*)

Ann Ameloko Kadiri 13.01.2021, 01:09:11

Arnold is a bully and I don't like him. Anny should open up and leave all those guys behind. they don't deserve her.

Shanaya 10.01.2021, 06:09:50

The book is really good??loving every bit of it..

Missy Manne 09.01.2021, 20:32:29

arnold has issues he needs to deal with seriously

Shylet Matizha 08.01.2021, 15:21:20

Lily thank you so much l am enjoying the book and waiting patiently for the next chapter. l wonder whats gonna happen now the Arnold 's friends are here inclunding Col...... l smell fireworks

Kittysapphire 31.12.2020, 09:23:12

He is such an IDIOT! like do a a DNA test of Anny and Ruby! then you'll know the truth. Anyways I love this story just as much as you previous one Author ☺️

Kavita Yenurkar 31.12.2020, 03:53:49

nope dear this one is unhappy chap please why can't that Arnold fool just do a DNA test with Ruby and Anna dumbass ಠ益ಠ

reena agrawal 30.12.2020, 06:34:10

Is there any fix day for your updates? Please let me know.

Kavita Yenurkar 30.12.2020, 04:20:34

updates dear one day over and main twist is there now I am impatient please please update

Sanelisiwe Simatu 29.12.2020, 12:00:22

I can’t wait for next update thank you ?

Shanaya 29.12.2020, 06:10:12

It's so damn interesting?

Luz De los Reyes 29.12.2020, 05:02:48

please keep updating too eager to read a very nice story.

Kavita Yenurkar 29.12.2020, 03:54:45

yeah hurray!! love you for the chap dear ෆ╹ .̮ ╹ෆ

Kavita Yenurkar 29.12.2020, 03:53:58

yeah !! hurray!! I love you author I love you ෆ╹ .̮ ╹ෆ

Mary Matizha 23.12.2020, 19:52:22

For me the book is going on just fine and the chapters are long enough. Keep it up. lt will sad if Anny give in easily to this marriage proposal. Arnold must work hard to win her heart.

Sanelisiwe Simatu 23.12.2020, 13:11:03

Love ❤️ the book but maybe you can reduce the time frame in which you update ? because by the time the next chapter comes I need to go back and reread what happened in the last one... but all in all great work

Shanaya 23.12.2020, 10:26:59

Hey the story is going good and I am really curious what will happen next. Did Arnold already find out who she was???? I am eagerly waiting⏳

Enang Adekunle Adeosin 15.12.2020, 23:18:27

nice read. I always enjoy your books. thumbs up.

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Flame Lily 23.12.2020, 09:21:55

Enang Adekunle Adeosin, thanks a lot

Sanelisiwe Simatu 18.12.2020, 19:36:38

Thank you for the update, at last!!

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Flame Lily 23.12.2020, 09:21:29

Sanelisiwe Simatu, thanks dear

Nitu Sarkar 23.12.2020, 05:55:26

the story is going great...plz do write as you are doing...i eagerly keep waiting for the updates...only if they are little quick...but definitely not compromising your ease of writing...hope you don't mind me blabbering...dear author

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Flame Lily 23.12.2020, 09:20:59

Nitu Sarkar, I don't mind at all. thank you very much

Ayushi Gupta 15.12.2020, 17:34:47

update please

Mesele Manne 14.12.2020, 18:57:28

No it is not that bad just don't take this long again

Kavita Yenurkar 11.12.2020, 04:07:03

oh my god this Arnold is a real pain in the a$$

Maz Ahmed 11.12.2020, 02:35:18

Desperate for more chapters!

Pamela Hardeo 09.12.2020, 08:14:23

love the book cannot wait for more chapters to read

Maz Ahmed 09.12.2020, 03:28:58

O wow ! what a turn of events!

Sintha Pillay 08.12.2020, 13:23:12

It's good so far.

Sanelisiwe Simatu 08.12.2020, 11:06:33

Thank you for the update, splendid work please don’t be discouraged... can’t wait for the other chapter

Nitu Sarkar 08.12.2020, 11:05:51

Dear author...the story is fabulous...just don't stop in between take your time...but complete the story.

Maz Ahmed 08.12.2020, 02:29:20

Dear author, i think u r doing a brilliant job and don’t be hard on yourself.. Just want more chapters ,wink .wink

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Maz Ahmed 08.12.2020, 10:28:58

Flame Lily, Thanks

EmMe 08.12.2020, 07:29:50

Yes it’s ok take your time no rush. Love it so far can’t wait for more ?

The last comment in the thread:

Flame Lily 08.12.2020, 08:24:58

EmMe, thank you. I really appreciate this.

Ayushi Gupta 07.12.2020, 07:23:10

update please

Adalyn Stock 02.12.2020, 21:24:54

Please Update soon

Pamela Hardeo 02.12.2020, 09:26:49

lovely chapter It getting interesting cannot wait to read more chapters

Kavita Yenurkar 02.12.2020, 05:43:25

the chap's good please keep updating

Ayushi Gupta 01.12.2020, 07:32:43

update please

Mila Villas 30.11.2020, 12:06:20

superb its suspense why do you have to cut when its suspense oart

Tebajai Mani 29.11.2020, 09:47:53

This is good!keep on writing

Pamela Hardeo 29.11.2020, 08:17:15

lovely chapter cannot wait for more to read love the book good

Vivien Halili 29.11.2020, 06:27:32

i am sooo excited.what happen,??? i hope dear author will finish it & not keep us in suspense.

Vivien Halili 29.11.2020, 06:11:13

i like it very much. i am intrigue what will happen next. will it change the life of Anny. hope so.

Vivien Halili 29.11.2020, 05:55:09


Kavita Yenurkar 28.11.2020, 15:09:01

Hey waiting for the updates ( ╹▽╹ )

Sanelisiwe Simatu 27.11.2020, 17:00:02

Interesting story line so far, next chapter please .

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