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Billionaire's sweet love

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Ongoing: 22 Oct 130 pages

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looking at her it seems it has been up to a month since Billy saw her, so he moved to where she was standing and look at what she was looking at, Xiao Xie did not seems to care but Billy suddenly whisper into her ear did you miss me? And smile, his smiles were captivating, Xiao Xie blink her eyes looking surprised but she stay quiet, she continue to focus on what she was looking at, but Billy draw his face towards her face, their face almost touching each other and he said I miss you. Bill an only child and second generation heir to Tiaz groups becomes the CEO after he lost his parents in an accident met a girl who always ignores him but this spark his interest in her, the more Xiao Xie ignores me the more I want to get closer to her. Is this fate? Will Billy be able to find solace in her?

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mind's pen 23.10.2020, 13:46:27

Hi readers continue to read billionaire's sweet love more interesting updates coming

comfort hope 17.10.2020, 04:33:41

good work

Toyin Israel 13.10.2020, 02:45:21


Ajiye Oluwaseyi 11.10.2020, 08:24:12


Caroline Arthur 10.10.2020, 15:43:45

Oh... Only one chapter
Please more updates

JAYEOBA KAYODE 07.10.2020, 01:40:12


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mind's pen 06.10.2020, 07:44:02

Dear readers, thanks for reading my book billionaire's sweet love, please support me with your likes, am using this book a contest here in booknet. Thanks

mind's pen 05.10.2020, 08:20:21

Dear readers, your likes and comments are feedback to me that you are following and enjoying my book, please read, like and comments, so that I will know if you are enjoying the book or not. Thanks

mind's pen 04.10.2020, 07:20:12

Look forward to the trip, for Billy and Xiao Xie's sweet moment

Nikkita Rosalyn Charles 29.09.2020, 13:51:15

Pls update soon...

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mind's pen 30.09.2020, 08:10:49

mind's pen, Am sorry for updating so late I was somehow weak, so that is why I make for it with those chapter, please keep reading and your likes and comments are source encouragement to me. Thanks

mind's pen 29.09.2020, 11:50:15

Dear readers, thanks for always reading billionaire's sweet love, please continue to support my book with your like and comments. Thanks

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mind's pen 23.09.2020, 16:24:01

Ralf Royale, Thanks alot

Kehinde Jayeoba 22.09.2020, 14:07:54

Please continue

mind's pen 22.09.2020, 10:55:42

am loving this myself

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