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Book. "Billionaire's Wife (on Hold)" read online

Billionaire's Wife (on Hold)

Maheen zohaib

Story about:misunderstanding, forced love, contractmarriage

Age restriction: 18+

53 244

#264 in Romantic fantasy
#945 in Billionaires

On Hold: 29 Aug 0 pages

Publication: 26.08.2022 — ...

Description of book "Billionaire's Wife (on Hold)"

Riley Romaro wife of the youngest billionaire Arthur Romaro. There marriage is kept hidden till now due to it being a contract based. But after wedding they both found love in there relationship and now have become inseparable.

Both are the match made in heaven, the first two years of there marriage was extremely beautiful, it was too good to be true, that's why there relationship is falling apart due to some misunderstanding and some blasts from the past.

Will they be able to save there relationship? or will they grew apart?

Read to know more about them


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Muntaha Ansari
29.08.2022, 14:49:16

Update next one soon please

Muntaha Ansari
29.08.2022, 14:49:05

The story plot is amazing

Muntaha Ansari
29.08.2022, 14:48:49

Amazon chapter

Loveth Agbake
26.08.2022, 19:40:20

hello author love your story pls update more

Maheen zohaib
26.08.2022, 20:09:51

Loveth Agbake, Thank you! I will try to update soon

Nkoli Oguagha
26.08.2022, 14:36:36

Hi Maheen. Congratulations! I discovered you have three stories going at the same time. Please how often will you be updating? I will love to read billionaire's wife.

Maheen zohaib
26.08.2022, 16:18:50

Nkoli Oguagha, Hello! Actually I have not fixed fixed any specific time and i just write the chapters whenever I am free, but i think maybe once or twice a week. Thank you for supporting my book

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